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The Sandman: Which Character are You (Quiz)

Over 3000 pages of The Sandman have been turned into an amazing series. But you still don't know which The Sandman character you like! Hurry up and be a part of the viral spreading in The Sandman Personality Quiz.

The Sandman: Which Character are You (Quiz)

pal, where are you? The Sandman series has already been released on August 7, 2022, and its episodes are on Netflix. Go ahead and watch this epic series that has been in the plan since 1990 but no one dared to show it on screens. The Sandman comic has more than 45 volumes and the amazing story includes Hell, Heaven, Earth, and different planes.



The titular character and protagonist of the series is Dream also called Morpheus. The story revolves around him as Dream is made of sand. Dream has certain control over minds and mortal beings as he can be a part of every life by being in their dreams. This way Dream can create and destruct living beings and possesses various powers which are invincible. He has been made captive for centuries and wasn’t able to be set free. This isolation has altered Dream’s personality and ideology. Now, after years, Dream can leave the gates which kept him apart from the world, his family, and his kingdom.

After ages, Dream returns but soon realizes that things are out of control and that his siblings are not what he thought. In Endless, each of them has a kingdom they rule but in reality, everything seems to fall apart. Soon the story reveals another brother of this family known as the Prodigal. Furthermore, we see Egyptian gods and goddesses as well as Lucifer. The story of The Sandman becomes even more interesting when Dream begins to take responsibility for things that have gone wrong.


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