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The Sandman: Endless Family Ranked By Power

The Sandman: Endless Family Ranked By Power

Welcome back NationTV, At the heart of The Sandman is The Endless family tree, which centers around the activities of Dream and his brothers. Born out of a love story between Night and Time, the Seven Endless occupies a unique position in the DC Comics reality. The Endless is a universal cosmic deity that exists simultaneously in all the multiverses. This is the only thing that separates endless deities like Zeus and Thor, who may have infinite variables across reality.

As seen in the Netflix series adaptation of The Sandman, The Endless is an anthropomorphic embodiment of concepts that all cultures agree must have intelligence behind it. While the power of each Endless is formidable, it stands aloof from the gods, whose cosmology in DC Comics is based on the cult of human beings. Endless is defined and shaped by conscious life, but it does not require active devotion or reverence.

Each of the Seven Endless has a responsibility attached to their office and a world they judge that exists as a reflection of themselves. The story of The Sandman focuses largely on Dream and its kingdom, Dream, but it reveals some details about the Endless other as it unfolds. Here is a quick summary of all Endless and its areas of influence plus we are going to rank them by Power.

1 Death

The Sandman Death

Death is the second oldest of the Endless, and easily the busiest member of her family. Aside from dreaming, she has appeared most often in The Sandman's Endless Stories and has many cameos in comics that Neil Gaiman never wrote. Its mission is not only to guide all living beings to what awaits the afterlife when it expires but also to welcome new life into the world at birth. Death takes the form of a teenage girl who prefers gothic fashions, with a silver ankh serving as her sigil. It is rumored that she takes a mortal body for one day in each century, to feel for herself what it is like to live a life and lose it. Her kingdom, the first time it was depicted, resembled a modern apartment, perhaps because Death is always on the move and doesn't need the vast dimensions that her siblings need.

2 Destiny

The Sandman Destiny

Destiny stands as unique as the only Endless series not created for The Sandman by author and sometimes actor Neil Gaiman. Destiny originally served as the host for the bizarre comedy-horror anthology Mystery Tales but has been re-considered to be the oldest of The Endless and the embodiment of Destiny. Typically seen as an eyeless monk in a hooded robe, he guards the Book of Destiny, chained to his wrist, responsible for keeping track of everything that has happened, is happening, and will ever happen throughout the multiverse. He does so from within his kingdom, the Garden of Forked Roads, constantly walking its maze-like paths while reading his book.

3 Dream/The Sandman

The Sandman Dream From The Endless

The title character in The Sandman has more names and titles than his friends, but he often goes to Dream of the Endless or Morpheus. The third oldest of the endless, dream appeared when the first conscious life began to think of things beyond mere survival. He usually takes the form of pale skin with dark hair and dark starry eyes. In addition to being the guardian of the dream, he is also the prince of stories and the embodiment of the creative spirit. His castle contains a library containing every book ever written and every story ever imagined but never set in pen. Despite the mercurial nature of his kingdom, Dream is the most flexible of the endless when it comes to the responsibilities of his position.

4 Destruction

The Sandman Destruction From The Endless

Filmed on Neil Gaiman's The Sandman Netflix show, Destruction is an avatar for change and endings that bring new beginnings. Destruction is the only endless to abdicate its responsibilities. He did so in the seventeenth century at the height of the Age of Reason, after becoming afraid that humanity would destroy itself with its newfound science. Since that time, he's toured the multiverse, contributing to many artistic endeavors to prove - even if only to himself - that he can create things as well as destroy them. Usually taking the form of a tall, red-headed man with a beard and long hair, Destruction's current whereabouts are unknown, and his world is the only one not depicted in any Sandman Comic.

5 Desire

The Sandman Desire From The Endless

Desire is the only gender member of the Endless pantheon, and it changes between male and female forms as she pleases. In this, it can be compared to the gender fluidity of the Loki of the Scandinavian pantheon. The function of desire among the Endless is to serve as the embodiment of anything and everything a person might want, be it in terms of romance, lust, or simple greed. Whatever look they wear, Desire is attractive and androgynous, and while they can take on any shape they desire, the one aspect they can't - or probably won't - change is their distinctive golden eyes. The Realm of Desire, commonly known as Threshold, is a giant statue modeled on their bodies, and Desire makes their home fitting in the literal heart of Threshold. Desper's older twin, Desire is a natural mischief-maker who takes pleasure in manipulating others for their amusement, like Loki in the MCU.

6 Despair

The Sandman Despair From The Endless

Despair is the avatar of depression and suffering, the younger twin of Desire because after the first life began with desire, they grieved for what they did not have. Despair usually takes the form of a fat woman with cleft teeth, whose flesh is cut with the hooked ring that is her sigil. Despair seldom leaves her dreary world of mist and mist, filled with magical mirrors that each open to the spectacle of some poor soul in agony somewhere in the multiverse. Like Desire, Despair is happy to play with others, although she is more inclined to allow misfortune to happen at her own pace. Like death, despair is patient, because she knows that all men will come before her one day, but for a short time.

7 Delight/Delirium

The Sandman Delight/Delirium From The Endless

the youngest Endless cast of The Sandman, Rave is the embodiment of madness. Once upon a time, delirium was the joy and avatar of pleasure and joy, but some change in the universe made her turn with him for reasons that fate cannot explain. While every Endless can change their appearance to some extent, Delirium is unable to control how quickly their appearance changes. Her hair and clothes fluctuate constantly, but the babbling constantly maintains the general shape of a teenage girl with mismatched eyes - one emerald green with silver spots, the other blue. The world of the Delirium is as unstable as its appearance, with the only solid landmark being an ornate sundial engraved with the words "Tempus Frangit" or "Time Breaks" in Latin.

8 Dream (Daniel)

The Sandman Dream Daniel From The Endless

Daniel, who took over as Morpheus upon his death as "Dream of the Endless", is a featured member of the Endless. Under being new, it is still very untested and has a lot to learn, but it shows many characteristics of the former dreamer, Morpheus. This includes all the powers and rules associated with his status as one of the endless. Born in The Dreaming to Lyta-Trevor Hall and Hector Hall, Daniel was chosen by Morpheus to serve as the next dreamer. Daniel first appeared in Sandman Vol. 2 #22 The moment Morpheus is looking for the baby born from a dream.

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