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Moon Knight: Every Egyptian God Ranked By Power

Moon Knight: Every Egyptian God Ranked By Power

Welcome Back Nation, thor love and thunder's teaser trailer has got a lot of us thinking about gods as of late and moon knight has us thinking more specifically about the Egyptian gods so I figured that now would be a good time to explore a few members of that ancient pantheon and take a look at how their comic versions have impacted events on the page over 

the years so here we go in this video I'm not going to take a look at all of the Egyptian gods but I will tell you about a handful of the most noteworthy so without any further ado let's go ahead and dive right into it 

within most of the earthly pantheons the most powerful members tend to be the ones who started it all or at the very least the ones who rule over them for the Asgardians there is Odin for the Olympians Zeus

1 RA

Moon Knight: Every Egyptian God Ranked By Power

the Egyptian god of the sun and the so-called king of the gods he is the creator god the progenitor of the entire Ennead race as well as a member of the council of godheads a loosely connected group of gods from all the pantheons on earth who share information and resources amongst each other in order to take on threats that individual pantheons can't deal with on their own 

Ra however like many other members of the Egyptian pantheon can't enter the earthly plane anymore he can't step foot on earth so instead, he lives on the sun

and utilizes a champion called the sun king to enact his will amongst the mortals and yes before you ask the sun kings and the moon knights have come into a direct confrontation on a few

occasions in fact pretty much all of the sun kings, we've heard about in the comics have ultimately met their end at the hands of a moon knight but this list is about the power of the gods themselves, not their agents hence why Ra is at the top of the list and Khonshu is not he's not too far off though spoiler 

2 Anubis/Osiris


is often seen as a force of creation of the jackal-headed Anubis is sort of the opposite of the god of death and destruction funeral rights and the afterlife his main role was to serve as a guide for souls as they made their way into duat the Heliopolis realm of the dead 

if you're kind of confused by this I can't really say that I blame you as someone not super familiar with Egyptian mythology I thought that Osiris was the god of death, not Anubis and he was actually within Egyptian history over

the year's worship of Osiris rose in popularity so much so that eventually Osiris actually wound up taking over as the main god of death in the afterlife relegating Anubis to being a bit of a

lesser god in marvel comics though Anubis served the storylines as a bit of an antagonist within the pantheon attempting to usurp Raz the leader of the Ennead by cutting out his heart and absorbing his power however boss the panther god intervened taking his heart to the middle of Africa leading to the

founding of the city of necropolis within the borders of Wakanda you'll actually see quite a bit of crossover with the Wakanda pantheon in this video mainly because a lot of their gods are

actually, the same beings as those within the Egyptian pantheon just interpreted through a different cultural lens but let's get back to the comic book stuff before I turn this into a four and a half-hour long lecture on cultural anthropology as much fun as that would probably be

3 Horus


it always seems like the major pantheons have their own younger member whose whole shtick is just being the butt-kicker who goes out and goes on all kinds of crazy adventures Horus the son of Osiris and isis and the grandson of Amun-Ra

Horus is the Egyptian God of justice and retribution which might just be the most badass thing one can be a god of wielding a bladed staff that he uses to channel his powers into immense energy blasts Horus is easily the most well-traveled of the Egyptian God having spent a great amount of time on earth and even have teamed up with heroes such as thor on a few occasions though the majority of the stories that we read about him in the comics that involve some kind of family conflict usually involving his uncle set with whom he has fought many battles

4 Seth


the serpent god a being pretty much on par with Horus in regards to power level despite the fact that he almost always loses to him in combat he can summon forth and manipulate hellfire which is pretty neat however despite perpetually losing he gets to be this high up on the list for something that he did in the past something that has

gone on to cause a metric crap-ton of trouble for pretty much everyone in the marvel comics universe I'm talking of course about his relationship with En Sabah nur aka apocalypse around 2950 BCE set appeared to a young apocalypse in the form of a statue and told him about his destiny setting the boy on a path that led him to become one of the most powerful villains in comic history

basically if Set didn't do that huge swath of x-men comic storylines just straight up would not have happened and we might have gotten a slightly better third film in the new era of X-men movies or we might have gotten dark phoenix slightly earlier which might have actually made that movie worse than it already is well that's rough to think about

5 Khonshu

Moon Knight Khonshu

you knew that I was going to include Khonshu on here somewhere considering the fact that this article's very existence was prompted by the moon knight series and the fact that I told you that he was going to be on this list in the first entry there is that Khonshu is the Egyptian god of the moon within the mythology from the real world he is actually one of a small handful of moon gods specifically representing the travel of the celestial body across the sky in the comics he is referred to as the moon god however his real-world interpretation is represented by a slight a bit on the page as he is said to be the protector of travelers and shepherd of the lost as is the case with Amun Ra

Khonshu cannot physically step foot in the earthly realm so he instead imbues champions with some of his power transforming them into the fist of Khonshu The Moon Knight also seems to favor people who suffer from mental illness for this role probably because he finds them easier to break and fully control if I had to venture a guess it was one of these moon nights that led to

his eventual defeat however as Mark Spector was once infused with the power of the phoenix which he used to take Khonshu down during the age of Khonshu

story arc from there Khonshu was imprisoned in the dungeons of Asgard which I'd assume would be a pretty good place to put him since I'd imagine a prison built by gods would be able to hold a god I wonder if we'll ever see something like that in the MCU the relationship between Spector and Khonshu is already being presented to us as fairly antagonistic so it wouldn't really surprise me if that's what they're building towards just giving them time

6 bast 

Black Panther bast

the patron goddess of the panther tribe of Wakanda and one of the oldest members of the Ennead people in Egypt Bast was worshiped as the goddess of pleasure and the one who protected people against diseases and infection she's also the reason why cats were mummified and buried alongside prominent members of Egyptian society fun fact however we all know what bost is really known for what her impact on marvel comics really has been as she is the one who imbues part of her power upon mortals transforming them into the black panther this happened the first time many millennia ago when the vibranium

a meteorite fell to earth landing in the heart of Wakanda many people went to investigate and some of them were twisted and transformed by the radiation that the stone gave off into horrible

monsters Bashenga the mightiest warrior of the panther tribe prayed to bast to grant him the strength to take on these demon spirits becoming the first black panther well okay not the first avatar of bast actually appeared at some point in prehistoric times and served as a member of the prehistoric avengers but Bashango was

the first recorded one is the one that started the lineage that is still

followed today so in a way when you think about it black panther is kind of in the same category as moon knight and sun king avatars who are granted power by an Ennead god it would be kind of cool to see the comics or shows or movies or whatever acknowledge this connection at some point maybe throw them all together on a team that could be cool 

 7 isis


wife to Osiris and mother of Horus was going to be on here somewhere isis is the Egyptian goddess of fertility and the one who taught humanity how to

utilize medicine and domesticate animals both of which are responsible for saving countless lives across the eons however she makes this list solely for

her magical abilities as a powerful sorceress she was able to resurrect her husband after set murdered and dismembered him which is no easy feat despite the fact that people come back from the dead nearly constantly within comics just kind of ignore that part though in fairness how many of those people who come back are gods it's not super common in that regard unless they're Loki or Odin you know what it's probably not that impressive now that I think about it

8 Sobek 


here actually has a lot in common with Bast, the panther god is a member of the Egyptian pantheon who managed to become a revered being within Wakanda culture as well and he even has his own chosen champion from among them however this crocodile cult champion isn't anyone of any sort of note, in fact, the only noteworthy thing this guy ever did in the comics got his butt whooped

by the lion cult champion before getting the chance to challenge black panther for the Wakanda throne so you know not a great look for old Sobek however, this reptile-faced god still demands at least a monochrome of respect if for no other reason than the fact that he is one of the oldest members of the Egyptian pantheon who has managed to keep on kicking all these eons later

9 Thoth 


here might not be the most well-known god within the Egyptian pantheon this bird-headed Ennead the brother of Amun Ra serves a pretty big purpose within the comics at one point Thoth served as the leader of the Ennead when Osiris and his family were sealed away meaning that at least for a little while he was technically the head of the

pantheon and within Wakanda, it was theorized for quite a while that Thoth was the basis for the gorilla god it was actually proven though that Thoth wasn't the gorilla god it was actually Gary from the Vodou pantheon that's neither here nor there these days Thoth

serves alongside Anubis at the gates of duat that Egyptian land of the dead that I mentioned earlier there while Anubis is weighing someone's mortal soul to see if they should be allowed passage into the realm Thoth records the results

keeping tabs on who is going where and if someone isn't found worthy they get eaten by the be steel pet of our final entry

10 ma'at


finally, I wanted to give a bit of a shout out to someone who is a member of the pantheon but not actually in Ennead that being ma'at or as she is more commonly-known master of the vishanti

worshipped by ancient Egyptians as the goddess of truth she is largely responsible for the use of magic amongst humans having given birth to Agamotto the first sorcerer supreme as well as having trained him in the mystical arts you know the guy the dude who's name is on that dope necklace that doctor strange wears and keeps the time stone in that one,

he was also a member of the prehistoric avengers alongside that ancient black panther that I mentioned

earlier so yeah while her most noteworthy accomplishment has nothing to do with her place among the Egyptian gods I still think that it was worth bringing up as she is such a fundamental part of the history of marvel comics I mean without Agamotto we wouldn't have sorcerers so it's kind of a big deal  I want to know what you think how would you rank the Egyptian gods be sure to let me know your thoughts down in the comments below

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