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Moon Knight: Season 2 hasn't been confirmed despite huge credits teasing

Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab describes himself as not knowing if the Disney+ show will get a second season or not.

Moon Knight: Season 2 hasn't been confirmed despite huge credits teasing

Whether or not there is a season 2 of Moon Knight, that is for now, according to director Mohamed Diab. After the end of the climax on Wednesday, many viewers were left with questions about whether the twist in the post-credits sequence could mean that Khuncho might reappear in the MCU sometime soon. Jake Lockley's reveal revealed that the Moon God still has an avatar, so Stephen and Mark's decision to stop serving the god doesn't necessarily mean that other MCU properties won't encounter Khuncho in future films.

However, despite typical Marvel excitement, the Moon Knight finale also wrapped up most of the show's loose ends with incredible efficiency and the story certainly seems to be completed. Furthermore, Oscar Isaac has not yet signed on to do any other projects in the MCU and has been very keen to describe the show as an independent narrative. As of the time of writing, there has been no official mention of Moon Knight 2 season by anyone at Marvel or any of the cast and crew.

Now, an interview with Deadline shows that Diab doesn't know as much about the drug's future as the fans. He describes the process of working with Marvel as not "the traditional way", so even if Moon Knight proves hugely successful, it won't necessarily produce a season 2. However, he says there will be an "expansion" but he doesn't know what form it will take.

"We don't know if there's a season coming up," [...] "Marvel doesn't go the traditional way, so even if they like the character and want to expand the world, it could be Season 2, it could be a standalone movie, or it could join the superhero's journey." else, "

"I'm in the dark, just like the fans," [...] "We never discussed it's season two, but someday there will be an expansion, but I don't know what it's going to look like,"

Moon Knight: Season 2 hasn't been confirmed despite huge credits teasing

Diab has been up-and-coming in the past, saying that he wishes Moon Knight would get his movie and that he wanted to see the character as part of the MCU over the next decade. This position was echoed by Marvel president Kevin Feige who said that after the show ends, Moon Knight will start appearing in other MCU projects. Therefore, it seems clear that fans will see more of their favorite Moon Warrior sometime in the future, but it seems unlikely that he will be in Moon Knight Season 2 at the moment.

If there is no second season of the show, how will Moon Knight's next appearance take shape? It could follow in the footsteps of other Disney+ properties like Falcon and Winter Soldier, as the story will continue into a follow-up movie. That seems likely, though, as Moon Knight could play the second fiddle to a more bankable big-screen star like Tom Holland's Spider-Man. Whether or not that is the case, it would be wise to assume we didn't see the end of Jake Lockley and most fans would be disappointed if Stephen and Mark didn't show themselves.

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