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The Vampire Diaries: Where Do You Belong Hell Or Other Side

The Vampire Diaries: Where Do You Belong Hell Or Other Side

Welcome back to Nation. The world of The Vampire Diaries contains many worlds and dimensions where a supernatural spirit can end after its demise. While some of them existed naturally, other dimensions were created by the art of magic. When we talk about the afterlife, it can refer to a soul that finds peace and ends up in the place of heaven, or does not find peace, and is trapped in hell or the other side.

Another interesting dimension is the ancestral plane that was introduced in the originals where the spirits of witches are located in New Orleans. It shares many similarities with the other side of TVD, but this dimension is exclusive to magicians. Witches in New Orleans enter this plane through a process known as consecration. Ancestors need to stay in touch with the Earth to keep the Consecration spell active which requires an enormous amount of strength in the form of sacrifice. So every 300 years, the witch community in New Orleans makes a ritual sacrifice known as a "harvest" for ancestors.

Hell is a dimension full of torment and suffering, created by the spiritualist Arcadius. This world is inhabited by souls who do not find peace. While the belief in many cultures is that only bad guys end up in Hell, Hell in The Vampire Diaries is different. While characters like Katherine who did a lot of mistakes ended up there, characters like Vicki who did some kind acts also ended up in Hell. After the demise of Arcadius, Katherine Pierce becomes the ruler of Hell who plans to destroy Mystic Falls using Hellfire but fails.

Klaus Mikaelson Season 5

The other side was created by Qetsiyah and made architecture the anchor of this world. Amara had to suffer a lot as every soul passed through the place. She created this oblivion for the Supernatural beings who would come here after their demise. It was created primarily for Silas who had become immortal. So he will be trapped on the other side after his death and will not pass to be reunited with Amara. Later, Bonnie was made the anchor on the other side. So what dimension do you find most interesting? And where do you think Elijah and Klaus will end up after their demise in the originals?

Let's See Where Do You Belong In The Vampire Diaries Universe if You Belong in Heaven Or Hell Or The Other Side

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