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What is the song at the end of Moon Knight Episode 5 is (and what does it mean)

What is the song at the end of Moon Knight Episode 5 is (and what does it mean)

The song that plays at the end of episode 5 of Moon Knight where Mark finds himself in a field of reeds is "Más Allá Del Sol" by Manuel Bonilla. 

Más allá del Sol translates to "Beyond the Sun," and the lyrics of the Spanish song are about moving to heaven in peace. 

The song references Mark's move to Reds Field, with its calm tone contrasting with the agonizing loss of Stephen and revisiting his memories throughout the episode (which included sharing Mark's Moon Knight origin with Stephen). A field of reeds represents peace, and "Más Allá Del Sol" evokes the idea of a peaceful paradise, even if Mark will eventually need to escape to stop Moon Knight's villain, Arthur Harrow.

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