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Tournament of Power Dragon's Ball is getting an epic authorized sequel

The Super Space-Time Tournament features many characters from the main Dragon Ball multiverse including Goku, Jiren, Hit, and even Yamcha.

Tournament of Power Dragon's Ball is getting an epic authorized sequel

Tournament of Power has been one of the most awaited epic stories in Dragon Ball history. With the promise of dozens of the strongest warriors in the multiverse fighting in an all-out battle royale, fans were on the edge of their seats as Goku and Company made their way to the end. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultra God Mission looks to emulate that hype and success by introducing an even bigger tournament: the Super Space-Time Tournament.

Although its name is a bit full of words, Super Space-Time Tournament has a surprisingly simple introduction. There are twelve teams, each team consisting of seven members. Teams are drawn from alternate timelines rather than different universes, resulting in multiple characters from different worlds being on the same team. Although the teams haven't been fully revealed yet, it looks like most of the Z Warriors were in Team 1. So far, Team 1 consists of Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Yamcha, Jiren, and Hit.

Several other teams have been revealed to be part of the Super Space-Time Tournament, and some are bringing back characters that are very old or exclusive to the movies. Even the characters who made up the lower ranks of the Red Ribbon Army, such as Ninja Murasaki and General White, are present in this tournament, which must mean in some strange alternate history, the Red Ribbon Army is made up of the most powerful warriors in the universe. Other warriors present at the tournament include the Genio Force, Lord Slug Force, Papydis' henchman, and Garlic Jr., the Spice Boys.

Tournament of Power Dragon's Ball is getting an epic authorized sequel

The Super Space-Time Tournament has just begun and is already looking forward to being one of the craziest events in Dragon Ball history. The winner of the tournament was promised "divine prizes" but it remains to be seen if this tournament was a real event or just a hoax by some shadow mastermind. There are also a large number of warriors yet to be seen, as the entire teams remain a mystery. The narrator of this series also expands on the Dragon Ball lore by giving an exact number of the main timeline's place in history, which is the date: 76, 434, 925, 761. It is also said that the first team from the disparate world has thrown one of Dragon Ball's greatest mysteries on launch, which begs the question: What was the first timeline in Dragon Ball?

The Super Space-Time Tournament is already looking to order everything from the Energy Tournament to the Class and a few characters have already been paired up. The two most prominent teams are Jiren, Yamcha, Gohan, and Piccolo, as well as Hit and Pan. An exciting battle between two Dragon Ball heavyweights, Jiren and Broly, the sequel to Tournament of Power is shaping up to be one of the craziest chapters in Dragon Ball history.

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