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Percy Jackson: Season 1 Will Be 8 Episodes, Confirmed by Creator

Percy Jackson's creator Rick Riordan confirmed in an update on his website that the first season of the Disney+ adaptation will include eight episodes.

Percy Jackson: Season 1 Will Be 8 Episodes, Confirmed by Creator

Author Rick Riordan confirms that the first season of Percy Jackson will be eight episodes. Based on the bestselling original series of novels by Riordan, Percy Jackson, and the Olympians, Disney+ was announced to debut in 2020 and the series officially premiered early this year. Riordan later announced that production on Percy Jackson's first season would begin in June 2022 in Vancouver. The live-action Fantasia series will follow the titular character as he explores his destiny as a demigod in a modern world filled with myths and monsters.

Although Riordan's hugely popular novels have been adapted for the screen before, the 2013 novels Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters disappointed some fans by leaving the source material. Even Riordan himself was loudly annoyed by the film adaptations. Riordan assured fans that, unlike in previous films, he'll be featuring Disney+'s Percy Jackson every step of the way. Since the series was first announced, the author has been providing regular updates on the show.

In a post on his website, Riordan revealed that there will be eight episodes in the first season of Percy Jackson. While discussing the series' scenarios, the creator shared that the first four episodes are nearly complete and that he and the rest of the writing team are still working on the remaining four. Read an excerpt from the Riordan update below:

"The script work is also coming in really well. We have scripts for the first four episodes very much done, and we're working hard on the remaining four episodes of season one. The writers' room continues."


Percy Jackson: Season 1 Will Be 8 Episodes, Confirmed by Creator

Since the series is still very early in its production, not many details have been made available about the Percy Jackson Disney+ series. However, Riordan hoped the show would run for 5 seasons, with the first season covering The Lightning Thief. If that's the direction the show is taking, Percy's desperate cross-country journey to recover the Thunderbolt of Zeus will run over eight episodes rather than a two-hour movie. This should ensure that none of Percy's encounters with gods or monsters are as rushed or cut as they were in the movie.

While each update from Riordan is one step closer to the series premiere, there's still plenty of work to be done until Percy Jackson finally arrives at Disney+. Not only do you need to write the remaining four episodes, but the casting, casting, and costume design process must also be completed before filming on Percy Jackson begins. As the Percy Jackson series continues to advance, fans should keep an eye out for Riordan's next update.

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