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Moon Knight: Who Was In The Locked Coffin?

Mark Spector and Stephen Grant find the third coffin in Moon Knight Hospital Episode 4, but they don't open it. Here's who could be inside.

Moon Knight: Who Was In The Locked Coffin?

A mysteriously locked ark was shown in Episode 4 of Moon Knight, raising questions about who (or what) is inside. Egyptian mythology and culture feature prominently in Marvel Studios' new Disney+ show. The entire series revolves around Moon Knight's relationship with the Egyptian moon god Khonshu and the mission to stop Amit's resurrection. Moon Knight finally took his story to Egypt during Episode 3, which allowed the archeology, sites, and traditions associated with the country to play a role. This includes a heavy focus on Egyptian sarcophagi in Moon Knight Episode 4.

The first sarcophagus in episode 4 of Moon Knight is located in Amit's tomb, where the former avatar of the goddess by Stephen Grant and Layla is finally found. After perusing the maze-like design of the burial site, Stephen discovered that the sarcophagus belonged to Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia. It wasn't until after the fourth episode of Moon Knight that advances its major twist that Mark Spector landed in a psychiatric hospital where he found another coffin. However, when this opened, Stephen Grant's alteration was found inside. This isn't the last time an ancient Egyptian coffin has surfaced.

There is another sealed coffin in Moon Knight Hospital Episode 4, but the identity of who or what is inside has not been revealed. There's someone inside without a doubt, as it rumbles as if someone is trying to escape. But Mark and Stephen skip it without knowing who's inside. Based on the design of the coffin's headdress, theories about the identity of Pharaoh Kangxi the Conqueror, Rama Tut inside, are likely to stop before they even begin. This leaves some important possibilities for determining the identity of the person inside Moon Knight's sealed sarcophagus. The two largest are Moon Knight's third alternate, Jake Lockley, and his source of power, Khonshu.

Moon Knight: Who Was In The Locked Coffin?

The setting for Jake Lockley is set to be inside this sarcophagus throughout the Moon Knight. There were several references to a third identity, perhaps more ferocious and violent. Jake Lockley is the biggest Moon Knight alternative to the yet to be seen comics. Since episode 4 of Moon Knight Mark has already found Stephen inside one of these coffins, Jake Lockley's third transfiguration inside that coffin would be an extension of that idea. As for why he couldn't escape, it could be related to the possibility that the hospital is a mental construct for Mark and a sign that Jake is locked out of control.

If Jake Lockley isn't the locked coffin in Episode 4 of Moon Knight, Khonshu might be another possibility. The last time the moon god was seen in the series, Ennead imprisoned him for his actions. The presence of Khuncho inside the third sarcophagus could mean that the hospital is something created by the gods, which means that Mark is now trapped there with Kancho. But, this might also provide a way for Mark and Khuncho to rebuild their connection and allow the Moon Knight's powers to return to the real world.

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