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Moon Knight: Ethan Hawke Makes Thanos' Endgame Plan awful

The Moon Knight series premiere has revealed the target of evil Ethan Hawke in the MCU, making Thanos' plan in the Avengers films even worse.

Moon Knight: Ethan Hawke Makes Thanos' Endgame Plan awful

A villainous Moon Knight target makes Thanos' plan in Avengers: Infinity War worse. Years after defeating Mad Titan, the MCU presented another character with big ideas about what should happen to the world to be a better place. Played by Ethan Hawke, Arthur Harrow of Moon Knight is poised to be the main antagonist of the show's titular hero.

While not much has been revealed about the mysterious character of Hawk, the first episode of Moon Knight sheds light on who Arthur Harrow is and what his relationship with Stephen (Oscar Isaac) is. Based on the events of the episode, Arthur is a cult leader who is already involved in a conflict with the Moon Knight, although the details of their history are unknown at the moment. While the Moon Knight is the hero of the Egyptian moon god, Arthur worships Amit, an evil deity associated with the underworld. Somehow, Arthur's mysterious tattoo gives him the power to rule - and kill - members of his cult.

Arthur's interpretation of what Amit wants in the first episode of Moon Knight offers some interesting similarities to what Thanos envisioned, and they reveal some of the biggest flaws in the last villain's plan. According to Arthur, Amit was a "bogeyman" for the "bad guys," meaning that they were her only target. Arthur believes that her release will cause these people to die before they commit their sins and that the world will benefit from this change. It's much easier to imagine his plan working for the universe than Thanos did, which wasn't an eclectic process at all. Thanos' victims were completely random.

Moon Knight: Ethan Hawke Makes Thanos' Endgame Plan awful

Arthur's intention for Amit to judge all of humanity and how it compares to Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War talks volumes about Mad Titan. He believed that wiping out half of the universe would bring balance and peace, but Arthur's thoughts show that he could have chosen a better path to the level of harmony he was seeking. With Arthur's plan, only the bad guys will be picked out and removed. Supposedly, the Infinite Stones gave Thanos the power to make this happen, but he chose instead to indiscriminately kill the good and evil parts of society. There was no sense of order in his actions - only chaos.

Granted, Thanos' plan had some amount of positive effect, as the Hawk and the Winter Soldier explained, but implementing his plan in Avengers: Infinity War was problematic at best and wasn't a solution to world issues like he thought it would be. Regardless of its sinister elements, Moon Knight's sinister plan has at least the potential to prevent the rise of future archetypes of Hitler, Emperor Nero, and mass murderers. Despite this, Thanos was not interested in placing any conditions about who lived and who died and allowing anyone to fall victim to surprise.

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