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Moon Knight: How Many Identities does Moon Knight Have?

By the end of Episode 3 of Moon Knight, it's clear that Spector will have to work with whoever changes him to defeat Harrow, but how many chances does he have?

Moon Knight: How Many Identities does Moon Knight Have?

Episode 3 of Moon Knight offered the series' most outspoken hint yet about the existence of another alternative, questioning how many identities Moon Knight has. So far, Moon Knight has revealed the conflict between Stephen Grant and Mark Spector, presumably the primary identity, with Mr. Knight and Moon Knight being more traditional superheroes, unlike the way they are presented in the comics. . Now there's a hint of Moon Knight's third identity, but could there be more?

Moon Knight Episode 3, "The Friendly Type," suggests, as with the comics, that Mark Spector is the host, who kept DID "under control until very recently." Moon Knight's multiple identities (or changes) differ from the comics slightly, with Stephen's role differing markedly from the comic book origins. As it becomes clear during a bloody battle on the rooftops that neither Stephen nor Mark knew who was in control when carrying out the killing spree against Arthur Harrow's henchmen. By the end of the episode, it becomes clear that Spector will have to work with his alters to avoid Amit's resurrection and the liberation of Khuncho.

It's still unclear exactly how many changes there are actually in Moon Knight's adaptation of Disney+. The differences between Grant in the comics and Grant in the series also suggest that the identity of the third mystery may not be all he seems. So, how many changes does Mark Spector have from Moon Night?

Moon Knight: How Many Identities does Moon Knight Have?

Batman's parallels to Moon Night make sense given that the Marvel character was created by Batman writer Doug Munch, who first appeared in a two-problem arc in the Werewolf By Night series in 1975. That story saw the use of a mercenary Mark Spector to capture a werewolf called Jack Russell. A mysterious group of businessmen. The Moon Knight character returned in the 1976 Marvel Spotlight #28-29, which introduced two different characters to Spector. There was Stephen Grant, the millionaire who finances the activities of the escort Spector, and Jake Lockley, a humble taxi driver who roams the streets looking for clues in criminal activities. In all, Moon Knight's Mark Spector has 5 Marvel Comics identities including Mr. Knight and Moon Knight.

Early comics portray Grant and Lockley as secret identities that complement each other to achieve the goals of Mark Spector's superhero, rather than transform someone living with DID. It was Warren Ellis' 2014-2015 series Moon Knight that introduced Mark's psyche. Ellis suggests that Mark's DID is the result of Khuncho's colonization of his mind. He and his three mods - Stephen, Jake, and the newly introduced detective figure of Mr. Knight are captured by the four sides of the god - Embracing, Pathfinder, Defender, and Watcher for overnight travelers. It's Warren Ellis' reimagining of the Moon Knight that inspired Justin Benson's MCU show.

Moon Knight: How Many Identities does Moon Knight Have?

The MCU series flips the usual perspective from the comics, focusing first on Stephen Grant rather than Mark Spector. It's a clever movement that depicts the amnesia and depersonalization experienced by those living with DID. While Episode 3 of Moon Knight makes it clear that Spector is the primary, and Stephen is the alternate, it's still unclear exactly how many other identities have yet to be revealed. For example, in the comics, Mr. Knight shares traits with Stephen but is a unique change in itself. Mr. Knight in the MCU also shares traits with Stephen, but feels more like an awkward Grant comes to terms with the superpowers and exists as an accidental response to his attempt to "summon the suit." In the MCU, Moon Knight doesn't appear to be a separate fourth identity - or the peaks of Spector, Grant, and Lockley together - and is simply a secret, supernatural identity in the most traditional sense. So far, Jake Lockley has been conspicuous by the absence of the MCU, so the diligent detective may be the mysterious and violent person hinted at in the third episode of Moon Knight. With Harrow evading justice, and Khuncho imprisoned by the end of Episode 3, Moon Knight was teasing the introduction of Oscar's third character, Isaac.

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