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Top 10 Vampire Diaries: Ranking The Main Actors By Their Appearances


Top 10 Vampire Diaries: Ranking The Main Actors By Their Appearances

Welcome back to NationTV. The Vampire Diaries is a supernatural teen drama based on the famous LJ Smith novel of the same name. The television adaptation of the novels was made by Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson. The show aired on the CW Network in 2009 and concluded in 2017 after airing 8 seasons consisting of 171 episodes. The pilot episode of the series has garnered the most viewership of any TV show broadcast on The CW since its inception. It had a viewership of 3.60 million which was the highest at the time before Arrow broke the record. The success of this show spawned two separate shows, both set in the same universe. The cast of The Vampire Diaries has crossed over both those spin-offs The Originals, Legacies.

Let's Take a Look At The Ranking The Vampire Diaries Actors By Episodes Appearance



  • The Originals -53 Episode
  • Legacies – 56 Episodes

Hope is one of nature's exceptional loopholes created by nature to end Malivore. After the werewolf side of Klaus became untied, he was able to conceive Hope with Hayley. At first, he was uninterested in Hayley and the unborn child, but slowly he grew up to care for her, and Hope became the only thing that mattered to him.



  • The Vampire Diaries – 23 Episodes
  • The Originals – 90 Episodes

The half-brother of Klaus Mikaelson whose only goal is to find Klaus' salvation. He's the first original vampire to debut on TVD, initially serving as an antagonist, but then striking a deal with the Mystic Falls gang to work collectively on eliminating Klaus. Compared to his brother Klaus, he was always logical and understanding. Appreciates certain traits such as loyalty in others. It is known that Elijah is a man who sticks to his word and always keeps his promises.



  • The Vampire Diaries – 127 Episodes
  • The Originals -1 Episode
  • Legacies – 2 Episodes

In the first season, Matt has strong feelings for Elena, who broke up with him. But slowly his attention turns to Caroline, and he tries to help Caroline become a better person, but things don't work out between them. Matt Donovan is one of the few characters who manage to kill an original vampire, he Killed Finn in season 4, and he's also the main male character who manages to hold onto his humanity during the eight seasons, and the other characters are turned into vampires or killed. Did you know in TVD's eight seasons, Donovan died a total of five times.



  • The Vampire Diaries – 43 Episodes
  • The Originals – 92 Episodes

Joseph Morgan portrayed Niklaus Mikaelson's character. The world's first original hybrid of TVD. On TVD, he first appeared as an antagonist who terrorized the Mystic Falls gang but returned to prove himself an ally. He developed a romantic interest in Caroline Forbes which inspired him to do good and become better. In the originals, he returned to the city he once called his home. He learns about Hayley who is carrying his unborn child. He vowed to take back the city he once helped found. But he must overcome many challenges and betrayals, undergo a journey of growth, and discover the true meaning of family.



  • The Vampire Diaries – 136 Episodes

Kat Graham played Bonnie Bennett. She is the best friend of Caroline and Elena. In the first season, she learns about her magical heritage and takes care of her powers with the help of her grandmother. Bonnie continues to learn different forms of magic. She ends up becoming the most powerful witch in the TVD world. Bonnie Bennett's character is affectionate, selfless, caring, she's sacrificed time and time again for her friends. She lost her loved ones, and she sacrificed her life to protect her friends and for the greater good.



  • The Vampire Diaries – 138 Episodes
  • The Originals – 1 Episode

Nina Dobrev has played several roles in TVD Universe. Besides playing the main role of Elena Gilbert, she has also played the roles of several Petrova Doppelgangers namely Katherine Pierce, Tatia, and Amara. Her relationship with Salvatores was the highlight of The Vampire Diaries. The actress left the show after the sixth season to pursue other acting projects. She felt like she tested everything for her on the show. From playing a teenage girl to a manipulative vampire. She also appeared as Tatia in the flashback scene in The Originals Season 2. Nina played Katherine who is Petrova Doppelganger, the love interest of the Salvatores at one point, as well as their baby boomer. Katherine is smart and manipulative, unlike Elena.



  • The Vampire Diaries – 150 Episodes
  • The Originals – 5 Episodes
  • Legacies – 1 Episode

Candice played Caroline Forbes in TVD Universe, the best friend of Bonnie and Elena. At first, an insecure girl tries to live outside of Elena's shadow. After she was transformed into a vampire, her perspective and personality changed drastically. As the show progresses, her character becomes more mature and compassionate. She developed a relationship with Stefan and married him in the final season. After Stefan's death, she transforms Salvatore's boarding house into a school for The Young and Gifted. Candice also reprised her role in the originals, appearing in five episodes in season five. Although Caroline did not physically appear in Legacies, she made her presence felt with a voice role in the third season episode "Salvatore Musical."



  • The Vampire Diaries – 171 Episodes
  • The Originals – 3 Episodes
  • Legacies – 56 Episodes

Alaric Saltzman taught history at Mystic Falls High School. But after learning about vampires, he turns into a vampire hunter and tries to kill Damon. But he learned the fact that his wife Isobel is alive. Alaric became BestFriend with Damon Salvatore,



  • The Vampire Diaries – 171 Episodes

Damon Salvatore is a malevolent vampire who happens to be Stefan's brother. At first, when he arrives, he is shown to be manipulative and self-indulgent, but through his interactions and experiences, he grows to be compassionate. By season four, he has entered into a relationship with Elena Gilbert, and they continue their relationship until Elena is put into a magical coma by Kai. Damon's relationship with Stefan was strained, but he managed to improve his relationship throughout the seasons.



  • The Vampire Diaries – 171 Episodes
  • The Originals – 1 Episode

He is the protagonist of The Vampire Diaries. Stefan has a contrasting personality with his brother Damon. He is a gentle, caring, and friendly vampire. However, he has a dark personality known as The Ripper when he cannot control the bloodshed and succumbs to his violent tendencies. Stefan becomes an adversary when he turns off his humanity. TVD started his relationship with Elena Gilbert, but they parted after Elena chose Damon. In the final season, Stefan sacrificed himself to bring down Katherine. He has also made a guest appearance on Season 3 of The Originals where he joins the Mikaelson family and allies in protecting Klaus. The original vampire bloodline Klaus was in danger and Stefan fought to save his Sire-line.

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