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The Last Kingdom: Main Characters, Ranked By Bravery


The Last Kingdom Main Characters, Ranked By Bravery

The Last Kingdom is full of strong and fierce characters who will gladly fight alongside Uhtred in battle. But which one is as brave as him?

With so many wars in The Last Kingdom, there is no doubt that the characters must show some kind of courage if they are to survive. With the new rulers crowned and the Danish army constantly pressing Wessex, the main characters of the show must be on their toes at all times because danger lurks around all corners.

However, this does not mean that all characters are ready to go down an honorable path. There were several occasions when some Saxons and Danes decided to flee or retreat because they could not face the consequences of their actions. Although Uhtred has had to team up with a few of these cowards before, fortunately, he seems to have a good judgment of character as he surrounds himself with honest and noble warriors. The question is, are any of them braver than him?

10. Æthelwold


Although Æthelwold was one of the smartest characters on the show, there was no doubt that he was one of the biggest cowards as well. Instead of proving his devotion to the inhabitants of Mercia and Wessex, the world is seen betraying them by allying with the Danish army and causing political conflict among all the Ealdormen.

He even betrayed the Danish army when he killed Ragnar and accused an innocent woman of the crime. However, what makes the situation worse is that he always runs away when caught and never faces the consequences of his actions. With this kind of cowardice, Æthelwold was never supposed to lead.

9. Hæsten


Given that the Danes believe Hæsten is one of their best leaders, fans of The Last Kingdom agree that he failed to meet all expectations. He may be able to obtain troops and stand between them on the battlefield, but when he realizes they are on the losing side, Hæsten forces his soldiers to retreat or give up his position altogether.

In the end, this resulted in many of his followers losing faith in him as he proves that he does not care about the cause and is unreliable when times get tough. All he seems to care about is himself and getting rich.

8. Edward


While Edward's new status as King of Wessex certainly saw an increase in his responsibilities, some of his poor decisions led to a loss of confidence in him. Although Winchester is an important staple, many fans didn't appreciate that he refused to help his sister when he discovered her kingdom was being invaded by the Danish army and that they were suffering.

It even looked as if he wouldn't be present at the Battle of Tettenhall either. Edward could have been Mercia's "savior" had he been on that battlefield from the start, motivating the soldiers not to lose everything. However, by being present at the last moment, it seemed like he was just trying to take advantage of a moment of weakness and absorb it for his own vision.

7. Brida


Breda may not be the most popular character after the season 4 finale, but fans will admit that her devotion to the Danish Army is impressive. From the moment viewers met Breda, she made no secret that she wanted the Danes to rule Wessex and that they would do anything to help make it happen.

Although there have been some setbacks with Alfred's Uhtred division and Ragnar's death and imprisonment in Willas, Breda has not let these challenges hold her back and is always on the front lines and fighting for her cause. She may be on the other side of Uhtred but he agrees that Brida's dedication and fortitude make her a tough and tough fighter.

6. Eadith


Edith may have only had a short arc so far, but from what viewers have seen about her, she has proven to be a very likable and brave character.

By speaking out against Eardwulf, helping Uhtred protect Ælthelflæd's daughter, and attempting to rescue the hostages from Winchester, fans come to appreciate Eadith's selfless and selfless stance. As she now plays a key role in the Uhtred gang, fans are looking forward to seeing what she gets to do in Season 5.

5. Osferth


While Uhtred and his men laughed at the idea that Osferth was fighting on their side, fans are certainly glad he had the opportunity to prove everyone wrong. Osferth may not be the best combative fighter, but at the end of the day, he remains faithful to Uhtred's side and refuses to let go in his time of need.

He also played a significant role in all of the battles, faced off against some of the last kingdom's most feared warriors, and even helped defeat a curse placed on the group. Osferth is much nobler than anyone can attribute to him.

4. Finan


It's not at all surprising that Finan became a fan favorite on the show given that the Irishman has proven to be anything but a selfless and fierce fighter. From the moment he was introduced in Season 2, Finan has dedicated himself to protecting Uhtred and helping Dane Slayer take back Bebbanburg.

As captain of the Uhtred House's forces, Feynan has proven time and time again that he can be relied upon. Soldiers not only look to him for guidance because his strength and optimism help build their confidence, but also make them feel better to see him on the front lines with them. As long as he avoids any insults and bad superstitions, Feynan will never be upset.

3. Beocca


Although Beocca is no longer on the show, it appears that his legacy lives on in the characters. If fans take a closer look at the episodes, not a single person has a bad word to say about the priest, because his wisdom provided them with so much comfort and strength.

Beocca may not be as strong as a fighter like Uhtred, but that didn't stop him from volunteering and participating in many great battles. Unlike the other characters, Beocca also showed great bravery in standing up to King Alfred and Uhtred whenever he felt one of them was getting out of line. He only wanted what was best for everyone and would have continued to risk his life for his country if he was still around today.

2. Uhtred


Since Uhtred had won many battles and helped Alfred, Edward and Aethelflæd defend their kingdoms, it is safe to say that the Anglo-Saxons would see him as one of their bravest and strongest warriors. However, for fans, he is seen as one of the bravest people they have seen for a different reason.

Although the Danes might think his refusal to join their cause was the worst thing Uhtred had ever done, fans of The Last Kingdom believe it was one of the bravest decisions he ever made. Since he didn't have the same beliefs or ideologies as them anymore, it must have been hard for Uhtred to tell Ragnar and Breda that he couldn't stand by them anymore. Seeing how much he loved them, he had to have so much courage to break their hearts like that.

1. Æthelflæd


Æthelflæd may only have been crowned Queen of Mercia at the end of Season 4, but she's been ruling people's hearts for years because she's the only monarch who hasn't let them down yet. From participating in the Battle of Holme, the Siege of Winchester, and then leading the offensive at the Battle of Tettenhall, Æthelflæd stood proudly alongside her people and refused to allow the Danish army to intimidate her.

Even when several leaders of the Danes made a play for her life, Æthelflæd persevered and vowed to fight them. No matter what threats are sent her way, Æthelflæd has proven that she does not fear death and will do whatever it takes to protect her loved ones.

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