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Which Character From The Vampire Diaries Will You Marry?

All characters of The Vampire Diaries are unique, but which one would you marry,?

Which Character From The Vampire Diaries Will You Marry?

Welcome back NationTV, The longer a TV show runs, the more time it usually takes to introduce a large number of characters, both good guys and bad guys. Some of these characters quickly become fan favorites while others just stand there in the shadows, waiting for their chance to shine...or just waste it all together.

The Vampire Diaries ran for eight seasons, and although it began its story focusing on Elena and the Salvatore brothers, it eventually became clear that this world was much bigger and that many other heroes wanted to brighten their time.

Although it was originally centered around a love triangle, Damon and Elena stole the spotlight in The Vampire Diaries. Having made her last choice between the Salvatore brothers in season 4, Elena's romance with Damon becomes one of the pillars of the plot.

tvd bonnie

Delena has evolved into one of the most popular teen drama ships of their time, and the pair used just about every romantic trope in the book. No matter how cliched, metaphors are popular for a reason, and Damon and Elena have some of the best.

Caroline Forbes is definitely one of the best characters in the world of The Vampire Diaries, Caroline the first time she meets Stefan Salvatore at school she couldn't even take her eyes off him but through the show, she became best friends with Stefan but their friendship developed into something bigger in the sixth season in Diary vampire

tvd alaric and jo wedding

Caroline and Stefan were a popular pair, however, fans never saw Stefan Hart with Caroline, they always charged Stefan with Elena Gilbert, while Caroline had several relationships on the show that are more popular with fans and they loved it more. Stefan, so let's see which one of them will you marry from The Vampire Diaries,

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