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The Originals: in Which Storyline Do You Belong?

The Originals: in Which Storyline Do You Belong?

Welcome back NationTV. The Originals ran for five seasons. During that time, the show included a lot of storylines. While some were positively received by fans, there were many who were clearly left out by fans for being poor. One of the best storylines from Season 3 is the arrival of the first vampires sired from The Originals themselves. After taking control of the French quarters, and defeating their powerful witch-aunt Dahlia, it all seemed like smooth sailing for the Mikaelson family. Little did they know, however, that their old enemies had arrived in New Orleans with some terrible plans for the Mikaelson family.

the Old Vampires arrive with an agenda to protect their sire. They tell the Mikaelsons of an inescapable prophecy of their own doom, the fall of the Mikaelsons. Meanwhile, Klaus and Elijah make efforts to ensure that the prophecy won't come true, They come to discover that the Trinity has been plotting against them and they work together in secret. The Mikaelson family manages to neutralize Trinity, but by doing so, Finn and Cami become collateral damage. The prophecy will eventually come true when Marcel becomes the updated original vampire and defeats the Mikaelson siblings in a bite, being bitten, poisoned, and damaged.

The Originals Dinner Scene

Another great storyline is from Season 1 involving the birth of Hope Mikaelson and the politics of New Orleans. In Season 1, Klaus and Elijah return to New Orleans to find out about Hayley's pregnancy. They also discover that the city is now controlled by Marcel Gerard who has established new rules and new order in the city. He rules over the vampires, controls the witches, and has banished the werewolves from the city.

The Originals the hollow in Klaus

The birth of Hope Mikaelson is considered a miracle, but this anomaly attracted many enemies who wanted to use it for selfish gain. The witches tried to sacrifice her but failed in her attempt. Among all the members of the Mikaelson family, Hope is the one who has been targeted by many powerful enemies such as Witches Coven, Esther, Finn, Dahlia, and Hollow. The family fights hard to protect it and manages to defeat Hope's strongest enemy. So which Originals story do you think is the best?

Let's Find Out In Which of The Originals Storyline do You Belong

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