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5 Thins Only Caroline Can Do To Klaus and Not Die

The Originals 5 Thins Only Caroline Can Do To Klaus and Not Die

Welcome Back Nation, Klaus lived for a thousand years and killed people for insignificant reasons and did terrible things that could not be mentioned, and everyone was afraid of him even ancient vampires, whose age is the same as him like Aurora, Lucien, and many of them, none of them dared to scream or confront Klaus, as Lucien said to Freya Klaus's sister, "I used to think your sibling were gods." Klaus is one of the strongest creatures who ever walked the earth

And not everyone can calm him down or yell at him. Only a few people can do that. Today we're going to talk about five things only Caroline Forbes can do with Klaus and she doesn't die like the rest. here are 5 Thins Only Caroline Can Do To Klaus and Not Die,

1 Caroline Can Slap Klaus

Caroline Can Slap Klaus in the woods

In the fourth season of The Vampire Diaries series, vampires and werewolves were hunted by the government and Alaric Saltzman, and when Klaus was killed by Alaric, Klaus took possession of Tyler's body and saved Caroline from death. And there was a love scene between Caroline and Klaus on Tyler's body when she found out it wasn't Tyler and that Klaus she slapped him.

2 Caroline Can Yell At Klaus

Caroline Can Yell At Klaus

For a thousand years, Klaus has killed people for very few reasons. Klaus is known to be ruthless and kills because he can imagine if someone yells at Klaus what will he do for sure, Klaus will kill this person. Not many people can scream or threaten Klaus Mikaelson, but we have seen more than one scene between Klaus And Caroline they fight and Caroline always screams at him

3 Caroline Chokes Klaus

The Originals Caroline visit Klaus

As we mentioned before, Klaus kills for the slightest reason. If he can kill a person because he screamed in his face, no one can choke Klaus and still lives. surely Klaus will kill him and uses his blood in his painting

4 telling him to get over his father

telling him to get over his father

Klaus' biggest fear was his father Klaus lived over a thousand years and was still afraid of his father. He massacred beautiful cities and burned them to get to Klaus. He was always a source of threat to Klaus. Anyone mentioning Mikael's name to Klaus always dies in The Vampire Diaries When Damon mentioned Mikael's name, Klaus' face changed. Klaus in the originals was chasing Marcel and his sister Rebekah because they summoned Mikael, but Caroline in the series The Originals screamed in his face to get over his fears and overcome his father's fear to become a better father to his daughter Hope

5 was used as a bait to calm him down

Caroline was used as a bait to calm him down

Everyone who knows Klaus knows that he doesn't fall for the bait and that he is one of the smartest creatures that ever walked the earth, but in The Vampire Diaries, Caroline was used many times as bait to calm Klaus and confuse his thinking, and it worked out every time he risked his life to save her from Alaric Saltzman when was a vampire

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