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Lucifer Season 5 Final Battle: Which Army Do You Belong with Angels Or Demons

Lucifer Season 5 Final Battle: Which Army Do You Belong with Angels Or Demons

Welcome Back NationTV, Lucifer Season 2B has finally arrived. Let me assure you that it is the best and most emotional Lucifer season. Season 5 featured a lot of things, from God's arrival to the introduction to the Angel family, God's retirement, and the tragic deaths of Dan and Lucifer becoming the new God. The penultimate episode saw God entering the alternate universe with the goddess to enjoy his retirement. There is still uncertainty about his successor as he has not announced to anyone, leaving it up to his sons to decide who will be the next deity. The two candidates who could be the next deity are Michael and Lucifer. Michael with his fear and menacing approach and Lucifer fight out of love to prove he is worthy. The final episode, A Chance at a Happy Ending, saw the epic showdown between two twin archangels.

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Lucifer wants to change the system as Dan's death shocked him to the core because Dan didn't deserve the fate he got, he got caught up in the unnecessary celestial game. Lucifer convinces Chloe that he will be the god for the right reasons, for Dan's sake. While Lucifer and Chloe are talking, the injured Ramiel appears and dies. Michael obtained all the key items to ignite the flaming sword, and the flaming sword threat made all the angels fight on his side. Lucifer and the gang are outnumbered and must devise a plan to bring down Michael without causing any casualties.

Lucifer Season 5 2B Final Battle

The final showdown takes place at the Colosseum where Michael with his army and the flaming sword is ready, Lucifer and the gang stop by singing "Can't Touch This", and Maze, Eve, until the demonic army join the battle so let's see which army are you with The Angels or Demons.

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Take This Quiz to Find Out Which Army you Belong with The Angels Or The Demons,

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