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Why Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 Just Killed (Spoiler)

Why Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 Just Killed (Spoiler)

Lucifer Season 5B, unfortunately, kills the main character in a rather unexpected way. Here's why it happened and where the story continues next.

Spoilers For Lucifer Season 5 Part 2

Lucifer Season 5, Part 2 surprisingly killed Dan in the season's penultimate episode, and while the reason may seem obvious, there may be more to it than just pushing Chloe's story forward. The back half of Lucifer's fifth season ended up raising the stakes as Lucifer and Michael battled for the title of becoming the Next God—part of that culminated in Dan's death in Is This Really How It's Going to End?!

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The gang was looking for a thief named TJ. Ross during the investigation into the death of Jonathan Donnelly. During this investigation, Detective Dan Espinosa became involved in a hostage situation at the home of T.J. clients, which unfortunately became the beginning of the end for him. Despite initially asking for support, Dan tried to escape and even managed to take down one of the kidnappers. Unfortunately, the second mercenary shot him dead. Before he died, Dan told Chloe, "It's Caleb." It turns out that the mercenaries were hired by Michael, as he was looking for Amenadiel's necklace to use Azrael's flaming blade. Amenadiel left the necklace inside Caleb Mayfield's coffin, but TJ, being a grave robber, stole it, gaining superhuman strength. That's why Dan was shown a picture of Caleb when they were searching for the key on Michael's behalf.

Although Michael was responsible for Dan's death, there was a sinister part of his master plan. At the season finale, A Chance at a Happy Ending, Michael offers Lucifer a chance to avoid war; If Michael is allowed to become God, Lucifer will rule Hell once more and Chloe is with him. Since they can't control which souls go to Hell, Michael exploited a loophole by killing Dan. Doing so left Chloe filled with guilt, paving the way for her to go to Hell when she dies. Although Dan's kidnapping was a "happy accident," in Michael's words, Michael gave the mercenaries the order to kill Dan.

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Although Dan has had a story of his own throughout the series, he has always been attached to Chloe. In this case, it was used as the perfect pawn in Michael's master plan, which shows how evil the Archangel really is - and how far he'll go to get what he wants. But it is unclear whether this was always the plan. Lucifer's season five was originally supposed to be the final season, and it makes sense that the show would kill off a major character—if not more than one—as it drew to a close; It's something that many dramas go through in their final season. However, Lucifer will return for the sixth season, meaning there is still a chance that Dan will return - if not in the flesh, then in some supernatural way.

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Perhaps the most tragic part about Dan's death was that he did not go to Heaven. He went to hell. It turned out that Dan had not yet overcome his guilt, which shocked the other characters. With Dan gone, Lucifer streamlines his story and casts it into the real final season. Who knows, other characters will likely die as the series draws to a close, as Lucifer loses more and more people by his side. As for Dan himself, it will be an adjustment as there is no more Kevin Alejandro.

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