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The Vampire Diaries Star Enzo reveals he hails from Palestine and Defending it

The Vampire Diaries Star Enzo reveals he hails from Palestine and Defending it

Welcome Back NationTV, Any celebrity has called for an end to the violence in Palestine as more and more people have been killed by the airstrikes. Gigi and Bella Hadid - who were very outspoken about their Palestinian heritage - were not shy about defending the homeland. But did you know that one of your favorite stars on The Vampire Diaries also has a Palestinian family? In fact, he revealed that he had seen the violence that many still witness to this day.

If you're someone who has watched all of the seasons of The Vampire Diaries, you'd love to see Damon Salvatore's friend, Enzo on screen. Actor "Michael Malarkey" has played the role, and he is actively expressing his concern about Palestinians on social media. Michael also met a lot of his posts because of his pro-Palestine posts, before he told us that he had seen everything that was happening before his eyes.

Enzo instagram about Palestine

In a now-expired Instagram story post, Michael wrote: “To all the people telling me I should shut up and mind my own business and that I should educate myself before speaking, I just want to say: My grandfather was a Palestinian refugee. I was born in Beirut in 1983. Our family home was destroyed. We lost everything. We had friends murdered. We were living in bomb shelters. Luckily, as my father was American, we were evacuated. I would not be here otherwise. That is my privilege. I will always stand in solidarity with Palestine, for this struggle has always been a part of my life and our family history. This is my blood. #FreePalestine.”

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