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5 Actors Who Were Almost Cast in LUCIFER

5 Actors Who Were Almost Cast in LUCIFER

5 Actors Who Were Almost Cast in LUCIFER

Lucifer has had quite the story so far but did you know that the casting directors had something completely different in mind when it came to their cast if you remember the pilot you'll know that detective dan looks much different than he does now but hey enough talking let's see the five actors who are almost cast in lucifer let's dive right into it shall we number

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5 - Lena Esco almost played Maze

Lena Esco almost played Maze

we'd be lying if we didn't admit mays was one of our absolute favorites on the show ever since we saw her in the first season we knew that she was a badass that pilot was such a long time and maze has had the time to evolve as a character plus she met her mom this last season what you might have not known however is the fact that the director had someone else in mind for the role of Maze the first actress

they went with was none other than Lena Esco she's the  35-year-old American actress from Miami who started her career by appearing in a small role on the series CSI new york way back in 2006. since then

she has starred in movies like Kingsway in 2010 lol two years after that and freed the nipple a little more than a year since the release of lucifer's pilot even though they signed the contract in 2015 something went wrong you see there wasn't much info about what had happened why the casting director decided to change his mind last minute

but there were rumors that following the first table read the directors changed their mind and they actually decided to go on with their second choice which was 

Leslie ann Brandt after leaving lucifer Esco immediately landed two more roles one as Cara and flaked while the other was Flores in the kingdom, oh and the major role she's had since then is Christina Alonso in swat which she's been a part of for three seasons now it seems to us that she didn't like Mazes blades and went for major firearms instead now the actress that got the role of Maze was Leslie ann Brandt she was the girl that went into the addition and she didn't really care if she would get the role she just wanted to do the character justice and during what became a lengthy

audition process she managed to land this role despite the initial decision of the casting directors she says this is a lesson for all the young actors out there persistence pays off you were going to,

4 -  Margot Robbie was supposed to play detective Chloe Decker

Margot Robbie was supposed to play detective Chloe Decker

that's right folks a little birdie told us that the director and the writers initially attended for Margot Robbie to play detective Chloe Decker, in the beginning, there were rumors about this famous movie star to appear in Lucifer as one of the leading roles but financial problems must have turned the producers off whenever a big name like Margot Robbie is set to appear in a tv show that means trouble why because they're not cheap some of them can run the production millions and millions of dollars,

and that's going per episode since Margot is one of the best in Hollywood as well as the most beautiful then it wouldn't come as a surprise that she would demand a high paycheck this Australian actress has made her debut in the soap opera neighbors then she continued her career by taking the leading role for movies like the wolf of wall street suicide squad focus and Tarzan and getting such an expensive actor to play the lead in a series can double or triple the cost of production 

even though we didn't really see Margot Robbie and Lucifer fans did get to talking and many of them agree that Lauren German looks pretty much the same as Margot some have even stated that Lauren looks like a cross between Margot Robbie and Mila Jovovich and once we read that our jaws drop to the freaking floor I mean seriously just look at Mila and Margot and then look at Lauren the resemblance is uncanny maybe that's why they wanted to have Margot as one of the leads in LUcifer,

3 - Nicholas Gonzalez almost played detective dan Espinoza 

Nicholas Gonzalez almost played detective dan Espinoza

unlike our previous picks, Nicholas Gonzalez was actually cast in the pilot he was part of it and he was out after one episode now even though we don't really like detective dan because he's a huge douche and we were still wondering why the series decided to leave him out of lucifer after just one episode and you know what the showrunners never gave us any indications as to why they did it Nicholas was just scrapped from the project and he was replaced within the next thing

which was Kevin Alejandro things like this just happened and it's not uncommon for the cast to change well after the pilot airs that's why it's called the pilot they see what's working and what is it so they adjust accordingly otherwise they risk losing the audience, 

unfortunately, this time it was Gonzales who was replaced Nicholas is a 44-year-old American actor who has played dr Neil Melendez in the good doctor and of course the role he's most famous for Alex Santiago and resurrection boulevard some other roles include those in the purge anarchy ghost whisperer ugly betty

true blood CSI Miami sleepy hollow The Flash and a ton of others and though he's a good actor it seems like Kevin left more of an impression on the showrunners so this four-year-old actor was actually cast to play detective dan the ex-husband of Chloe and the father of Trixie in life what do you want and,

2 - there were rumors about Tom Hanks playing God

there were rumors about Tom Hanks playing God

we would have loved to see this happen in this last season of the show but with our look, this didn't come to fruition and the one guy that would have been crazy about this new addition to the cast would be Tom Ellis that's right tom is actually a huge fan of tom the lucifer star has said that he loves every single movie tom hanks does which means he has already watched every single one of them but that's not all Ellis has even stated that his idol manages to bring a dose of humor and humanity to each and every single role he does,

this means character like Gump in Forrest Gump chuck Nolan and castaway captain miller and saving private Ryan and many many more make viewers relate to the movie and the story this is partly the reason why tom hanks have earned two academy awards for the movies Philadelphia and Forrest Gump and just like Ellis we think that tom would be a great addition to the cast of lucifer especially if he played the role of god in the fifth season but we know that Dennis Haysbert managed to land that role so it seems like tom Ellis's dream of playing alongside his idol will have to wait until some future project oh and Ellis even said that tom hanks have a bit of a childlike glee which makes his character compelling,

1 - Ian Somerhalder to replace Tom Ellis as lucifer

Ian Somerhalder to replace Tom Ellis as lucifer

even though Ellis had some problems with warner bros they managed to sort them out and this remained just a rumor that was spread by fans of Ian Somerhalder, Ian was a star in Netflix V Wars but since the show got canceled after the first season, the actor came out and said that doesn't plan on signing the contract with Netflix anytime soon which further disproved the myth that our favorite devil will become obsolete for season six of Lucifer but that's not to say that he didn't have problems with warner bros since negotiations were still going on for season six of the show we were left wondering if they are going to continue tom's contract,

and even though they were trying to agree on the details since march in may the contract had finally been signed and Ellis would once again play the final season of the show but he has some major problems with the studio see during that process of negotiations Tom Ellis was being over-demanding and the production house had to put an end to it we don't know if it was money or working hours or maybe even his schedule but we just know that he had some major issues with his contract,

that's when one source came and said the following everyone wants tom to be happy but there's a limit and it's been reached this means that the show star was asking way too much and they came very close to giving him the boot however tensions did calm down and he reprised his role on the show and we understand why some of the fans thought that he would lose his job even warner bros was pushed beyond the breaking point but either way, it all turned out for the best in the end and we will surely be seeing more of our favorite devil in the final season of this show and on

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