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Supernatural: Which Prince of Hell are You From Supernatural (Quiz)

Supernatural: Which Prince of Hell are You From Supernatural (Quiz)
Prices of Hell

Welcome back Nation, Being a prince of hell, Ramiel could fight an angel other than the Archangels, and fighting against other beings was laughable for him; He definitely did gossip when he was confronted by the Winchesters. His intelligence came from his knowledge of weapons he loved collecting ancients weapons he also was the one who made Crowley become King of Hell.

If a demon knows how to use her intelligence with her powers, it must be Dagon. The Prince of Hell could single-handedly captivate Kelly Kline because she was so much stronger than the Angels and whatever the Men of Letters had to cast her, but she used strategy.

Moving from nobody to a nightmare after he was once the "runt of the litter" of the princes of Hell, Asmodeus was the most resourceful of the group. Despite being far weaker than the rest of its kind, Asmodeus showed why intelligence pays off by becoming the strongest of them at the end.

Nobody can argue against the level of intelligence of a being who invented plans centuries ago and made them come true. Azazel, the most loyal prince of Hell in the ranks of Lucifer, had multiple schemes in motion, all of which worked in one way or the other.

Take This Quiz To Find Out Which of Princes of Hell you are From Supernatural

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