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Only A True "The 100" Fan Can Ace this Quiz

Only A True "The 100" Fan Can Ace this Quiz

Welcome back Nation, In this article, we are going to cover the 100 Quiz. The 100 is one of the most popular teen sci-fi drama series aired on CW television. If you are a fan of the 100 then you might be interested in testing your knowledge of the 100. Some of the things that might interest you is knowing how well do you know your Show Let's Find Out How Well Do You Know The 100 Series, 

The finale of the 100 series saw some surprising engravings, but with a twist. After seven seasons of fighting to survive in the nuclear apocalypse and tribal wars, the 100 is finally over. As the characters faced transcendence or extinction during the finale, they were welcomed by some familiar faces, including one that fans had been waiting to see again for four seasons.

The final season focused on the mission of Second Dawn cult leader Bill Cadogan (John Pyper-Ferguson) to bring humanity to highness. He thought he was leading everyone to the "last war," but it was actually a test, as Jordan Green (Shannon Kook) accurately predicted. In order to get to the test, Cadogan needed the symbol of the stone, causing him to command an examination of the mind and physical torture (Lola Flanery), leaving her rigid.

How Well Do You Know The 100 Take This Quiz To Test Your Knowledge about The 100 and Find Out if you're A True Fan Or Not

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