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Harry Potter: Where Do You Belong In The Order Or The Death Eaters?

Harry Potter: Where Do You Belong In The Order Or The Death Eaters?

Welcome back Nation, Death Eaters in Harry Potter are the unpleasant kind, but what to expect from someone who dedicates every part of their being to Lord Voldemort. A few of them stand out from the group, such as Bellatrix Lestrange and Lucius Malfoy, but that's because they both have access to the greater scope of the narrative.

Harry Potter The Death Eaters
Death Eaters

Also, many of them are inexplicably married (To people malevolent enough even to stand up for them), but that doesn't mean that their choice of spouse is a perfect thing, is it?

The real force against Lord Voldemort's first attempt to gain power was the secretive Dumbledore Foundation known as the Order of the Phoenix. Its members are mostly kind people, with the exception of rare, who have been handpicked and given access codes to their headquarters in person by the principal.

Harry Potter The Order of The Phoenix
The Order of The Phoenix

There were two technically different orders(one during Harry Potter featuring a somewhat different set of people than it did previously.) but which of the two are you do you look like a good person who deserves to be in the order Of The Phoenix or a wicked wizard and you belong with the death eaters and be a loyal subject to Lord Voldemort Let's see which From Harry Potter are you?

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