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Only A True Fan of Klaus Mikaelson Can Finish his Quotes

Welcome to Nation. If you were a die-hard TVD fan, you might have come to the conclusion that Niklaus Mikaelson is the embodiment of evil. Sure, you are a person full of morals and opposed to unnecessary violence, but there is something about Klaus that makes you feel drawn to his darkness. As the show progressed, we got to know Klaus more, get beyond his cruelty, and see his eloquence and weakness. A hopeless romantic poetic soul that can win any woman's heart.

Only A True Fan of Klaus Mikaelson Can Finish his Quotes

We can't help but root for this original despite all the wrong things he has done. Even when he threatens to destroy their family and the loved ones, we can't help but stand by him. When Joseph Morgan turns into the indestructible role of Klaus Mikaelon, he changes The Vampire Diaries forever. He was a Villain, but his attraction made us fall in love with this bad guy. Klaus' origins appeared with his brother Elijah and sister Rebekah. the writers gave the fans a chance to spend more time with this powerful but highly complex and damaged character.

Klaus Mikaelson Vs Tylor In The Originals

Even after a long period of thousands of years, Klaus was still suffering from the psychological scars of his past. And although he damaged emotions, he is a skilled tactician who can overcome any problem and get the results he wants. Klaus acts on instinct which makes him even more lethal. Klaus is the first of his kind he's an original Vampire / Werewolf a true hybrid. He celebrated and detested his unique status, often using it to his advantage and sometimes mourning his loneliness.

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