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Lucifer Part2: Chloe Becoming Immortal Because Of Lilith's Ring? (5 Theories)

Lucifer Part2: Chloe Becoming Immortal Because Of Lilith's Ring? 5 Theories

Welcome back Nation, Lucifer Season 5, Part 2: 5 theories about the continuation of What will happen in the continuation of Season 5 part 2 of Lucifer? We don't know yet when the second part will be released but those who devoured the first part, available on Netflix since August 21, are eagerly waiting for it. On the web, some fans already have ideas about what awaits Lucifer, Chloe, or Michael. Discover 5 theories about Lucifer Season 5 part2. Warning, this article contains spoilers.

Maze will die

Maze will die in Season 5 of Lucifer

What if the sequel is tragic? Well, we already had a big death with the death of Charlotte at the end of Season 3 but according to one theory, there could be another death on the show in the sequel: Maze. In the first part of Season 5, Maze discovers the truth about her mother, Lilith, who has become mortal. The revelation that overwhelmed her and led her on a new purpose: to have a soul. What if she succeeds ... but ends up dying?. At the end of Part 1, Maze switches her side to join Michael and we'll finally see her sacrifice herself for Lucifer.

Lucifer will no longer be responsible for Guardian Hell anymore

Lucifer Will No Longer be the Guardian of The Underworld

What if Lucifer will no longer be responsible for Guardian Hell anymore? This theory arose on Reddit after a photo was posted on the gallery's official Instagram account. In the photo, we see Lucifer ... with black wings when he is usually white. If some thought it was Michael, Lucifer's twin, the show's official account confirmed in a comment that Lucifer was the one in the picture. Suddenly, some believe that our hero will lose his status as a guardian of the underworld and thus inherit Black Wings. But then who will replace him? First thought: God, who appeared short at the end of Episode 8, could replace him with his twin brother Michael! Another idea? Lucifer could actually become the new god and thus replace his father to guard the gates of Heaven. Yes, only that!

Ella will find out the truth

Ella will find out the truth

In the first part of Lucifer's Fifth Season, it was Dan (Kevin Alejandro) who learned Lucifer's true nature after manipulation by Michael. So Ella (Amy Garcia) is the only one who doesn't know the truth about her classmate. But that might not last, according to one theory, Ella could soon discover that Lucifer is The Actual Devil, something that could upset her because she is so religious. After the story with Pete, this potential revelation could have terrible consequences.

Lucifer will become mortal

Lucifer will become mortal

we all know that Season 5 of Lucifer will not be the last but the end is near ... But how will Lucifer Morningstar and Chloe Decker live their love story knowing that one is immortal and the other is not? According to a fan's idea, Lucifer may have finally decided to become mortal, as Lilith, Maze's mother, did in Episode 4. A sacrifice that would allow him to live a long life alongside the person he loves.

Chloe will become immortal

Chloe will become immortal

Another theory on the topic: is Chloe who can become immortal. How? 'Or what? Thanks to the ring Lucifer wears which contains Lilith's immortality. A fan on Twitter may wish this ring to be a couple's engagement ring. We can always dream!

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