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Lucifer - Who is Your Boyfriend (Quiz)

Lucifer - Who is Your Boyfriend (Quiz)
Lucifer Boyfriend Quiz

Welcome back Nation. Today we made a Lucifer Quiz See who is your BoyFriend from the show. For those who are not a fan of the show. Okay, Lucifer is, of course, a procedural TV show but we still got parts of the season and even series story arcs in every episode. After the cliffhanger of the season three finale, we are loose to filing reveals his true identity to Chloe, she has fought a difficult battle to trust and love him again.

The show was canceled by Fox. First of all, we know that the mass campaign on social media to save Lucifer and take him to Netflix worked very well. Obviously, we've got to this fourth season almost perfectly, but Netflix never released the watch numbers for its shows. But Netflix decided to renew Lucifer for a final fifth season. All indications are that people have been flocking to Hell from Season 4, and although it wraps up most of the storylines, it also opens up possibilities for many other themes in Season 5.

What are the writer's plans for the next season? Well, the showrunner of Lucifer Show has already teased what will happen when the show returns. They said Season 5 would be cool. The fourth season of the show saw Lucifer return to Hell to deal with the situation there and to prevent any other demons from coming to Earth again.

Take This Quiz and Find Out Which Lucifer Male Character is Your BoyFriend

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