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Teen Wolf: How Well Do You Remember The First Episode?

Teen Wolf: How Well Do You Remember The First Episode?
Teen Wolf First Episode

Welcome back to Nation. Teen Wolf premiered on June 5, 2011, and it was the pilot episode of the show entitled "Wolf Moon". The episode begins with police cruisers filled with Beacon County Sheriff deputies who withdraw into Beacon Hills Preserve. They have big flashlights and search dogs, they're looking for something. The scene then turns to McCall House, where we see Scott McCall restringing on the lacrosse stick. Then he performs some drag and heads to the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth. Then he hears an outside noise pushing him to grab a baseball bat and go out to find the sound. Stiles Stilinski suddenly appears in front of him and asks why Scott has a bat.

Then Styles reveals to Scott that his father and the state police forces are searching for a body in the woods. He says they are looking for the body of a young female after some joggers came across the first half of it in the woods. The Boys enter Stile's Jeep and head to the preserve. Entering the wood to search for the body themselves, Scott hesitates and says no.

Wolf Moon got about 2.17 million views. The first season of the show has 12 episodes.

So Let's Take This Fun Quiz And Find Out How Well Do You Remember The First Episode Of Teen Wolf

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