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Which Type of Werewolf Are You From Teen Wolf

Which Type of Werewolf Are You From Teen Wolf

Which Type of Werewolf Are You From Teen Wolf
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Welcome back to Nation. The big bad of the first season whose secret identity was a major plot point in season one is Alpha Werewolf. We got acquainted with Derek who told us that Alpha werewolf was building an army and would kill those who did not join him. It also reveals that Alpha is so strong that it can cause Scott to turn into a wolf without his desire. Soon, Scott realized that he shared a telepathy connection with Alpha. The only way a person can become an alpha is by killing an existing alpha and then taking over his authority or by becoming a true alpha which is a rare event that occurs once in 100 years. There is also an uncertain method in which one can convert to alpha by inheriting a position in a wolf pack through a defined line of succession.

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Then comes Beta Werewolves who became a werewolf after being transformed into one by Alpha or because they were born to a werewolf. They are bound to follow Alpha orders and to stay in the pack. However, alpha can become informal by driving its own pack of werewolf wolves. Then comes omega wolves that are not members of any pack. They come at the lowest level of the power level.

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