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Teen Wolf: Which Family Do You Belong to?

Teen Wolf: Which Family Do You Belong to?
Teen Wolf Families

Welcome to Nation. When everyone is against you, do you know who you can always trust? your family! Family is the most important thing in the world. A family loves you without conditions, accepting you despite all your faults. Teen Wolf has many interesting characters who are connected with different families. We have the Stilinski family, McCall family, Hale family, Calavera family, Argent family, The Walcotts, The Martins, and Tates.

Which Family From Teen Wolf Do You Belong To?

The Stilinski family is one of the most well-known Teen Wolf families. It is the family name by which the males obtained the nickname "Stiles". Several members of the Stilinski family served in the army, namely a family of public servants. Then there is the Argent family who is very wealthy. they are well-known for hunting werewolf, Argent is the French word for “silver.” A common myth is that silver kills werewolves. It is indeed the fact that Argents have hunted werewolves for centuries and this began the myth that silver can kill werewolves, but it is in fact a "Silver" family, not a Silver Metal.

Then there is the Martin family that is famous for the female being Banshees. Women who are capable of channeling supernatural powers and have many powers such as telepathy, premonitions, concussive shouting, etc.

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