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Supernatural: 5 Heroic Things Crowley Did

Supernatural's Crowley was a Villain most of the time, however, he still managed to do few heroic acts every here and there.

Supernatural: 5 Heroic Things Crowley Did
5 Heroic Things Crowley Did

Crowley is one of the most remarkable characters in the supernatural. The King Of Hell himself was usually an antagonist, but he managed to change his nature and reach Winchester's help on more than one occasion.

The audience missed the fierce and ruthless demon, who had a lot of funny quips, which made him like him despite his brutal nature. Crowley was killed at the end of season 12, So here are top 5 Heroic Things Crowley Did,

Killed His Mother's Fiancé 

Crowley Killed His Mother's Fiancé

For most, this will be simply shocking. Crowley and Rowena have a tumultuous relationship and are usually against each other, but often, they meet each other. In Season 12's "LOTUS", Crowley seems to find Rowena arguing with "her last fiancée," thus making the man's head explode.

Instead of feeling horror or sadness, Rowena declares in an emotional tone, "This is the sweetest thing you've ever done for me." In this case, at least for Rowena, it makes this act of Crowley's heroic.

Teamed Up With The Winchesters To Take Down Amara

Crowley Teamed Up With The Winchesters To Take Down Amara
Crowley With The Winchesters

Despite his initial mistake in trying to control Amara and use her for his own needs, Crowley redeems himself in a way by helping the Winchesters beat her, realizing how dangerous she really is. He may have realized too late, as his army of demons he sent after her proved to have little effect.

Fortunately, Amara made amends with God and was no longer a threat in the end, but before Crowley or the Winchester realized that Crowley had at least tried to undo his mistake and help him.

Saved His Son

Crowley Saved His Son
Crowley's Son

Crowley is not exactly a "Father of the Year". In fact, he and Gavin hated each other. Gavin even gives up the location of Crowley Bones to the Winchesters. However, in the ninth season, when Abaddon snatches Gavin from his time and brings him back to the present time, Crowley has more sympathy for his son.

Although Sam and Dean insist that Gavin needs to return to his own time, Crowley transports Gavin somewhere else and tells him to start a life in the present, knowing that if Gavin returns, he will die in a shipwreck. Although Gavin did not last for the time being, and eventually returned to the past where his fiancée became a vengeful spirit, it was kind and unexpected that Crowley would try to save him, to begin with.

Saved Sam From Gadreel

Crowley Saved Sam From Gadreel
Crowley Vs Gadreel

Although it seemed painful, Crowley's intentions were to torture Gadreel enough so that he could also possess Sam and expel Gadreel from sam. With the help of Crowley, Sam realized that he was possessed and was able to send Gadreel on his way. Without Crowley, who knows what would have become of Sam?

The King of Hell has his moments, but then again, in exchange for Sam's help, Dean allowed Crowley to go freely, as Dean and sam kept Crawley prisoner. There was a little something in it for Crowley, but he also didn't pull any tricks, so he cares a little about the Winchesters.

Sacrificed Himself 

Crowley Sacrificed Himself
Crowley Sacrificed Himself 

In the Season 12 finale, Crowley makes the final sacrifice: his life. As the spell to trap Lucifer in an alternate reality, which was opened by the birth of Lucifer's son, requires a sacrifice of life, Crowley volunteers for this position and saying his goodbyes before stabbing himself with the blade of an angel. Apparently, he was tired of his job as King of Hell, but fans believed that Crowley grew more humane throughout the series, with the influence of Sam and Dean. Despite all the terrible things he did, he managed to do one of the most heroic acts fans admired at the show, and they've missed him ever since.

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