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Shadowhunters: Isabelle Lightwood's 5 Best Outfits

Isabelle Lightwood has an incredible taste and gothic Shadowhunter style, and here are 5 of her best outfits.

Shadowhunters: Isabelle Lightwood's 5 Best Outfits
Shadowhunters Isabelle Best Outfits

It's not a secret that Isabelle Lightwood on Shadowhunters is a fierce beauty. From the start, it has proven that fashion and fighting can go hand in hand. No one would sacrifice practical style, Izzy clothes are ready on the battlefield and runway. She is trying to teach Clary her ways too. She always wants her fellow warriors to look good too.

Whether it is a leather jacket or an elegant dress, Isabelle rocks every look she wears. Her shoes and accessories always bring her wardrobe together while giving her what she needs to fight demons and Downworlders alike. Here are the 5 best clothes for Isabel Lightwood on Shadowhunters.

No Nonsense Dress

Isabelle No Nonsense Dress

When Isabelle is on trial for treason against the Clave, she directs her mother's style, Maryse, and wears a simple blue dress. But simplicity does not mean boring. Izzy might be on trial and about to lose her position in Shadowhunter, but she does it in style.

The blue dress covers more skin than she usually cares to, but it gives it a serious and mature look that fits in the courtroom. But the vibrant color still makes her appear ready to go to the club soon after.

Glittering In Gold

Isabelle Glittering In Gold dress
Isabelle at Alec Wedding

Isabelle is a vision in the clingy gold dress she wears at Alec's almost wedding. The fabric flows over it like water while the scoop neck gives it a stylish feel perfect for the occasion. She seems to be ready to walk the red carpet more than attending Shadowhunter's wedding.

Although Alec did not marry Lydia Branwell that day, Izzy's dress didn't go to waste. She Looked absolutely good she brought steles to her brother and would-be sister-in-law for their wedding rune ceremony.

Tracking Outfit

Isabelle Tracking Outfit
Isabelle Tracking Outfit

Just because Isabelle is on a dangerous mission tracing the owl demon does not mean that she will not fit. She and Clary also stake out the club as owl last are partying, She was wearing a form-fitting red dress. With a cutout in the chest.

The off-the-shoulder design is classic Izzy because it shows what you want to show but nothing more. Once again, she drew the attention of Dr. Charlie because he is also in the club that night. It is difficult to deny her beauty in this dress.

Baring It All

Isabelle Baring It All Dress
Isabelle in First Episode

From the first episode, Isabelle shows that she is very comfortable with her body. She is not afraid to take control of her wardrobe and show off her stuff. Whether hanging in the institute or on her way to hunt demons, Izzy loves to show it all.

This outfit does just that, with completely bare sides. The sheer fabric in the middle all the way down to the bellybutton shows off her angelic rune, reminding fans that she's not just a pretty face. Black leather pants complete the look and leave it ready for any battle to come.

The Fae Gatsby

The Fae Gatsby

Isabelle channels the Roaring 20s with a flapper dress all made in sequins. The silver crown designed to look like a wreath will definitely attract the Seelie Court partygoers she hopes to charm and encounter at Magnus Bane's big bash.

But her preference for something beautiful and shiny should not fool anyone. Under this lustrous exterior, a fierce warrior is still ready for battle at any time. This shiny pair of silver high-heeled shoes compliments the outfit for Izzy's night out.

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