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Lucifer: What was Constantine's Favor

both fans of Lucifer and Constantine are wondering what might be the favor that The Devil owes to John in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Lucifer: What was Constantine's Favor
What was Constantine's Favor

Fans of Lucifer and Constantine are wondering what the Laughing Magician did to earn a favor from Lucifer Himself. Likewise, the writers and producers of Lucifer, who, like everyone else, were surprised by the revelation, which came during the third part of the Arrowverse Crisis On Infinite Earths event. What Constantine did exactly for Lucifer remains a mystery.

One subplot of Crisis on Infinite Earths witnessed a blue-collar con-man/wizard John Constantine to help resurrect the falling green arrow. Unfortunately, the death of multiple universes was generating a cosmic disturbance that made the usual rules of magic unreliable, and this left John unable to work in his usual rites to recover the soul. Fortunately, John learns a magical being who owes him favor excellence and has the ability to open a portal to Purgatory: Lucifer Morningstar of Earth-666, who begrudgingly agreed to help him because "I owe you for the maze." The maze in question is Mazikeen, a regular character in Lucifer; Demon Maze was the most brutal torturer of Hell before she left to join Lucifer in his retirement in nightclub management in Los Angeles.

Exactly what John Constantine did to help Maze and gain a Favor from Lucifer is left a mystery, which is also a mystery for Lucifer show-runners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich. In an interview with EW, Henderson credited the idea of how to put Lucifer in a Crisis to The Flash writer Lauren Certo, while noting that he had ideas about what might be in his favor. "I have theories [about Lucifer and Constantine’s past relationship] and we should explore it in the spin-off," Henderson joked as Modrovich laughed. (A Lucifer/Constantine spin-off is not in the works, though one was pitched on Twitter by writer Marc Bernardin.)

Constantine in Comics

This still leaves the question about what Constantine did to help Maze up in the air, but the idea is not without precedent. John is famous (and infamous) for doing favors to supernatural beings in every faction you can name because, to quote John himself in Hellblazer # 60, "There is only one person who does not play favorites - who does these things because " it's a laugh. "In the past, John took over Jobs for Swamp Thing, Dream of the Endless from The Sandman, and the various demons who needed the help of a human magician. For example, Hellblazer # 60, saw John helping hide a pregnant demon from her masters because she genuinely fell in love with the angel she was supposed To seduce him in the dark.

Unfortunately, there is no exact precedent in comics for exactly what the favor might be to Lucifer, as Lucifer and Constantine did not confront each other on comic pages until this year. Funny how it happened in Lucifer # 15; Comedy emerged a week after the characters meet on Arrowverse. However, we can safely assume that it would have been something impressive if it left Lucifer Morningstar genuinely indebted despite his apparent disdain for John Constantine.

On the other hand, he could not have known so much, since Constantine was likely to have spent money in favor of the Devil himself to buy back his damned soul if that was an option. John would also have tried to buy the freedom of Astra, the girl who mistakenly sent to Hell. Unfortunately, it seems the only way fans of both shows and Arrowverse will ever get an answer is whether Matt Ryan is making a cameo in Lucifer 5 season or if Tom Ellis appears to tell the story on Legends of Tomorrow.

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