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Can You Identify These "Legacies" Characters Using Their Eyes?

Can You Identify These "Legacies" Characters Using Their Eyes?
Legacies Quiz

Welcome Back Nation, Legacies are now one of CW's most loved shows and fans love to watch this show. But more than the show is the characters of this show are followed by millions of fans. During the entire The Vampire Diaries journey, we saw a lot of new characters coming and leaving for the show. Some characters were loved and some were just disgusting because it really hurt the show.

After the success of the Vampire Diaries, CW began exploring the idea of a spin-off show and planned to premiere it in 2011. Williamson planned the idea of the Paranormal investigation sisters set in a college campus but later became involved with a different idea. The plans were postponed until Plec came up with the idea of The Originals that focused on several minor characters of The Vampire Diaries and was broadcast in 2013.

after The Originals, success as a spin-off from The Vampire Diaries Plex came with another idea of a spin-off Legacies After The Originals ended on August 1, 2018, Legacies began on October 25, 2018, The show follows the story about Hope Mikaelson, Klaus and Hayley Marshall daughter the First tribrid 

Legacies have a lot of characters like Josie Saltzman Lizzie Saltzman they all are in The Salvatore school for the young and gifted, The school helps the young supernatural beings to control their powers and emotions so they don't turn evil or kill someone the school also protect its children, So are you True Fan Of Legacies? 

if you are a true fan then try to finish this hard Quiz and Find Out how many Actors can you Recognize from their eyes

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