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5 Reasons Why The Vampire Diaries Is Better Than Twilight

The Vampire Diaries and Twilight are the two most Famous Vampire franchises in recent memory, here are 5 Reasons why TVD is Better than Twilight

5 Reasons The Vampire Diaries Is Better Than Twilight
5 Reasons Why TVD is Better Than Twilight

Stephenie Meyer's twilight took the world by storm when it was released in 2005. When the movie came out in 2008, it not only inspired the functions of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, but it made the romantic genre of vampires/teenagers more popular. Other books and shows and films followed but weren't really as popular as Twilight - except for The Vampire Diaries.

Although the book series was released before twilights were even drafted, it didn't blow up until CW added the show to its list. The Vampire Diaries lasted for 8 seasons and became a cult phenomenon. Despite its popularity, Twilight is the original romance of vampires / Millennials. but Here 5 Reasons Why The Vampire Diaries Is Better Than Twilight,

Includes An Origin Story Of Vampires

Includes An Origin Story Of Vampires
 Origin Story Of Vampires

One of the coolest things about fiction is the origin story. While Twilight somewhat explained the vampire's origin, Vampire Diaries gave a more complete background story. The vampires began with the Mikaelson Family - Patriarch Michael, and his children, Elijah, Kol, Niklaus, Finn, and Rebecca - whose mother Esther turned them into vampires to protect them from werewolves.

This not only answers the old question of where vampires come from, but it addresses the age-old between vampires and werewolves. This interesting original story is part of the reason why show fans keep watching every week.

Elena Is Strong, Independent Woman

Elena Is Strong, Independent Woman
Elena Gilbert

One of the things that makes Vampire Diaries so delightful is the fact that Elena is a fully-fledged character who can stand on her own merit. She had other things going on in her life other than vampires, and she was not afraid to stand up to both Stefan and Damon.

Additionally, she was surrounded by people who allowed her to make her own choice, which is a testament to the writing. Even after Elena was turned into a vampire, she still had a say in what was happening to her life and the major plans that had been developed.

The Inclusion Of Witches

The Inclusion Of Witches
Bonnie Bennett

The Vampire Diaries blended the lore of vampires and werewolves wolves fairly smoothly together. But the show also included lore about another Supernatural group - witches. Mystic Falls is a haven for many supernatural beings, including witches, and no other witch is more prominent in the show than Bonnie Bennett.

She is able to cast spells and perform magic to help her friends get out of trouble. Although Bonnie is a secondary character, the Vampire Diaries added the right amount of backstory for the town, supernatural beings, the witches, and for bonnie.

Friendship is better

Better Friendships
The Vampire Diaries Friendships

The friendship between Bonnie and Caroline and Elena is one of the best aspects of the Vampire Diaries. These women are powerful in different ways, and although they grow up they always struggle with each other's appearance, such as when Caroline turned into a vampire, or when Bonnie was discovering her abilities.

Additionally, having a group together and talking about things other than men in their lives helps to keep the show fresh and not entirely about the Salvatore brothers. Their friendship is organic and closely related, making it easy for fans to watch the series.

The Salvatore Brothers

The Salvatore Brothers
The Vampire Diaries Salvatore's

The two main vampires for the show initially were Stefan and Damon Salvatore. The brothers are different - Damon is the rebel and Stefan is a practical one - but their differences complement each other as the show progresses. The Brothers are often a catalyst for many of the main actions of the show, whether it's finding their sire, Katherine, or fighting with Klaus.

Additionally, the love triangle formed between the brothers and Elena makes the viewing interesting, as fans wondered for so long which brother was the right choice for Elena.

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