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Doctor Who: Every Time The Doctor Has Gotten Married

Doctor Who: Every Time The Doctor Has Gotten Married

Doctor Who: Every Time The Doctor Has Gotten Married
Who Does The Doctor Marry?

The Classic Doctor Who fans often protest against the Doctor should be pretty asexual, but he's actually got married many times. In 1996, Doctor Who TV Movie made history when - for the first time - it showed that the Doctor shared an emotional kiss with Doctor Grace Holloway, who had served as a sort of companion figure. Until then, the doctor was supposed to be largely asexual, and, of course, the producers and showrunners avoided giving the impression that there was any hanky-panky going on in the TARDIS. McGann's Doctor was unusually attractive, and writers of the Doctor Who books couldn't resist implying he had a new degree of sexual activity as part of this incarnation. In "Dying Days," by Lance Parken, his companion, Bernice Summerfield, kissed him on his mouth and pushed him to bed before the scene ended immediately - leaving the rest to the imagination.

Of course, in reality, the doctor was never explicit asexual. When William Hartnell was introduced as The First Doctor, The Doctor was traveling with his granddaughter Susan at this time, who hinted that the doctor had a family at one time, with at least one child. This was confirmed in the post-2005 re-launch Doctor, where the Tenth Doctor told Rose "that he was a dad once." In "The Doctor's Daughter", advanced technology was used to give the doctor a new daughter, Jenny, and looking at her she reminds him of his family.

The most notable wife is River Song, the daughter of Amy and Rory the Doctor's companions, who experience time in a different way to the Doctor. This was a strange romance, given the two were experiencing their timelines in totally different ways. Still, it's the only relationship the Doctor has had that seemed to be between equals.

Is River Song dead?
River Song The Doctor's Wife

also, Another notable marriage The Ninth Doctor and Queen Elizabeth the First. As shown on "The Day Of the Doctor", The Doctor met Elizabeth when he was on Earth while searching for a Zygon invader. The two married in a sweet (but quick) ceremony, witnessed by two other embodiments of the doctor. However, he did not turn around, and instead abandoned the so-called Virgin queen.

Through "The Shakespeare Code" in 1599, Elizabeth had grown deeply angered by the doctor's actions. She ordered his execution as soon as She clapped eyes at him. Amusingly, this marriage actually means the doctor has another family relationship with Amy and Rory. According to "The Power of the Three", Amy accidentally married the father of Queen Elizabeth Henry VIII. So Amy is the Doctor's mother-in-law twice over.

The doctor usually has a habit of getting accidentally involved. In fact, in "The Aztecs", the first doctor famously accepted a cup of cocoa from an elderly Aztec woman named Cameca, unaware that he was making a proposal. The tenth doctor admitted that he accidentally married Marilyn Monroe when they crossed paths at a party in 1952, although he questioned the chapel's legitimacy in "A Christmas Carol". River Song also accused him of marrying Queen Cleopatra in "The Husbands of River Song", and the doctor seems unhappy because she brought that up.

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