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What To Expect From Riverdale Season 5

What To Expect From Riverdale Season 5

Following a shortened season 4, Riverdale season 5 will highlight a big-time jump for Archie and the gang.

When Riverdale Season 5 Will be Released
What To Expect From Riverdale Season 5

After the coronavirus has foreshortened Season 4, Season 5 of Riverdale is set to end the graduation party story, followed by a big-time jump for several years. The CW edgy has taken the Archie Comics core gang started with a murder mystery and has since escalated to feature a serial killer, an organ-farming cult, a fatal version of Dungeons & Dragons and teen tickle video ring - all before their main characters have even left high school.

Production at Riverdale Season 4 was shut in mid-March after confirming that a crew member had contacted a coronavirus patient. The decision was made to make Episode 19, "Killing Mr. Honey", the end of this season, while the final 3 Episodes could not be filmed because of coronavirus.

This unprecedented situation has left uncertain matters regarding the start of season 5 of Riverdale, and when new episodes will be launched. Here is everything we know so far about the date of the premiere of Season 5, and how the story will continue.

Riverdale Has Been Renewed For Season 5

is Riverdale has been Renewed For Season 5?
Riverdale Has Been Renewed For Season 5

Riverdale was renewed with 13 other shows on The CW in January 2020. Despite ratings down since season 3, Riverdale is still one of CW's most popular shows, and its wild stories have gained a certain amount of fame even among those who don't watch. The series also inspired a spin-off show, Katie Kane, which was also renewed in January.

Riverdale Season 5 Will Premiere In January 2021

Riverdale Season 5 Release Date
Riverdale Season 5 Will Premiere Date

The Fifth Season of Riverdale is now set to premiere in January 2021 and will air on Wednesday at 8 PM ET. New seasons from Riverdale are usually shown for the first time in the second week of October and arrive at their close in mid-May. However, Riverdale production is expected to be delayed for the fifth season due to the coronavirus pandemic. Filming usually begins in the middle of summer, several months before the premiere in October. Riverdale was filmed in Vancouver, and the Canadian government is still deciding how long the current restrictions will remain in place, so CW pushed its full fall schedule into January.

Riverdale Season 5 Story Details

What is Riverdale Season 5 Story
Riverdale Season 5 Story Details

Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa said that the first three episodes of Season 5 of Riverdale will wrap up the story of Season 4, including the secret of sinister videotapes. Then there will be a time jump (rumored to be about five years), pushing the story into a time when those characters who go to college graduate and circumstances return everyone to Riverdale. Archie will go to the U.S. Naval Academy, while Betty goes to Yale, Jogged goes to the University of Iowa, and Veronica goes to Barnard College in New York (which allows Kate Kane to crossover).

Skate Ulrich and Marisol Nichols (who play F.P. Jones and Hermione Lodge, respectively) have been reported to have left after Riverdale 4 season, although they may now return to the first three episodes of Season 5 to help end the story. It is also possible that one of these characters can end in murder, as their death is a mystery that draws Archie and the gang back. For the time being, though, Aguirre-Sacasa is still tight-lipped about what the future holds.

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