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The Vampire Diaries: Which Family Do You Belong?

The Vampire Diaries: Which Family Would You Belong?

Everyone has his own Behavior so we are going to see Which Family From The Vampire Diaries Would you Belong to in Mystic Falls town

TVD: Which Family Do You Belong?
Mystic Falls Families

Welcome back to
 Nation. Mystic Falls has numerous families, while families in this town are not ordinary ones. Each family has a couple of secrets that they conceal from everyone. Let’s start with one of the founding families of the town, The Salvatore family originally comes from Florence, after the all eight seasons only Damon And Stefan were the last living members of this family after Stefan was turned into a human by Bonnie but he died shortly after making Damon human, Stefan was married to Caroline Forbes and Damon married to Elena Gilbert 

despite Mystic Falls was never a home for the Mikaelson family but this place was the start for everything The Mikaelson Family the legendary family after their youngest child was killed in an accident Easther Mikaelson Mikael wife was a powerful witch after her youngest child was killed by a werewolf the parents decided to protect their other children by turning them into vampires also known as the Originals Vampires they are the first vampire in history they also one of the strongest supernatural beings they lived for thousands year they saw empires rise and fall after the eight seasons of TVD and The Originals, Kol, Rebekah, Hope Mikaelson were the remaining member of this Legendary family,

The Vampire Diaries: Which Family Would You Belong?

  • Salvatore Family
  • Lockwood Family
  • Gilbert Family
  • Forbes Family
  • The Mikaelsons Family
  • Bennett Family

So Let's See Which Family you Belong to The Mikaelson Or Salvatore Or Gilbert Or Forbes Or Lockwood and many other houses from Mystic Falls

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