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Riverdale: Which Side Do You Belong to?

'Riverdale' Where Do you Belong The Southside Or Northside

Riverdale is a crazy town full of mysteries this town also has two sides the northside and southside The rich inhabit Northside and The poor inhabit The Southside

Which side in Riverdale Do You Belong to

Welcome back to Nation. The town of Riverdale was originally founded by General Augustus Pickens in 1941 beside the help of Barnabas B Blossom which helped him financially. Riverdale has split into the north side and the south side. The rich inhabit the northern side, It is a prosperous and lively area. the crimes are also low. While the southern part of the town is occupied by poor people, it is a difficult and rough place. Crime rates in the southern part of town are very high. This area is also home to many criminal gangs such as Ghouls and Southside Serpents who make a living by engaging in illegal activities such as drug trafficking.

Cheryl And Toni

People on the southern side are looked down upon and eliminate them on the Northside because of the way they live. The residents of the northern side generally accuse the southerners of being involved in all the criminal activities that take place on the northern side. But people from both sides are trying to take care of their own business and keep their noses away from each other's matters.

Relations between both sides became difficult when the Black Hood began to commit crimes targeting only the North Side people and the Northside residents accused those behind the South Hood behind the Black Hood. However, as soon as the Black Hood horror era ended, peace between the two sides of the city was restored.

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