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Lucifer: 5 Things That Make Sense Only If You Read The Comics

Here are 5 things from Lucifer that only make sense if you read the comics.

Lucifer: 5 Things That Make Sense Only If You Read The Comics
Lucifer 5 Things That Make Sense Only If You Read The Comics

Although creating its own lore, characters, and continuity, Lucifer makes some nods to comics while maintaining within its more comedic tone. Admittedly, it has so far been removed from the source material that its only links are Lucifer himself and the first season is Mazikeen. But that doesn't make the show bad or not fun.

Throughout his four seasons, the crew dropped Easter eggs for any comic fans to find. Although you don't have to know the comics to watch the show, capturing these references can enhance your experience.

Eating Amenadiel’s Heart

Lucifer Eating Amenadiel’s Heart
Lucifer Eating Amenadiel’s Heart

Easily the darkest of comic references (Because to be realistic, the Comics are DARK ), Lucifer makes an offhand comment in the pilot episode about looking forward to eating Amenadiel's heart. When going to season five, it's hard to imagine these two going through again. After the second season, their relationship made some big strides and they are more supportive of each other.

But in the co, Lucifer literally ate Amanadiel's heart. Lucifer and Amanadiel are doing a battle in Hell, with Lucifer being powerless against Amanadiel. Through some tricks Lucifer-Esque, he managed to beat Amenadiel and eat his heart as a victor, as is customary. I bet you didn't imagine that

Lord Neil Gaiman

Lord Neil Gaiman
Lucifer From Alternative Universe

Do you remember the alternative universe in which Chloe's father never died, so she continued her acting career? God, did this to prove a point? And it was a little odd to have an episode with a narration without any other episode doing that?

Well, that was the true voice of God himself, Neil Gaiman, from DC/Vertigo. The show is inspired by questions and motives originally explored in the time of Lucifer as part of the Sandman comics and later expanded on in Mike Carey in the Lucifer run. The connection between the comic god and the Lucifer god is that he only wants what any parent wants: to see their child happy.

Aren't You Blonde?

Lucifer Aren't You Blonde?
Comparison Comic Lucifer And TV Lucifer

clearly, Lucifer looks quite different. The comics Lucifer is largely based on the late David Bowie, with blonde hair and super green eyes. Tom Ellis, on the other hand, fits bodybuilding, but that's about it. But Dang, these big brown eyes work with the character of the show.

The writers couldn’t help but joke about it though. When Lucifer goes down to Satanic worship, the man at the door questions his hair color instead of Satanic credentials. Priorities!

The Void

Lucifer Cutting The Universe
Lucifer Cutting The Universe

Oh yeah, the second thing of the whole universe came from a huge story arc in comics. But instead of mum/The goddess creating her own, it was Lucifer. He quickly realizes after doing so, that he did not want to be a god nor envy dear old Dad. This does not make him less salty, but he learned the lesson.

On the show, the Azrael blade is one of three parts of the Flaming Sword, the only artifact capable of cutting heaven gates. Instead, Lucifer rips a hole to another dimension (named Space Vagina) and Mum left our Universe to continue and to create a new family. It was really heartbreaking.

Monologuing - “The Devil Made Me Do It”

Monologuing - “The Devil Made Me Do It”
The Devil Made Me Do It

TV Lucifer takes some ideas from his comics counterparts. The first thing he holds is his mantra "I never lie", the fact that he is not the root of all evil or takes human lives, and he strongly hates God. So it is only natural that the writing team lifted an entire monologue from the comics.

Lucifer eventually plays into self-loathing, Lucifer explains his issues with the idea of "Devil made me do it" between humans. On the show, it makes sense that Linda is on the receiving end of this and Tom Ellis brings an entirely new life to him.

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