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The Vampire Diaries: Are You Mikaelson Or Salvatore

Are You Salvatore Or Mikaelson
Salvatore's Vs Mikaelson's

The Vampire Diaries Universe there is a lot of similarity among all the series that were presented after the Vampire Diaries series like "The Originals" and after achieving great success from two series, another series has been created, "Legacies" and also there is a similarity between the three series

The main factor is the siblings in the series. There are always 2 siblings protecting each other in the vampire diaries series. There are Salvatore, and in The Originals, there is the Mikaelsons, and in Legasis there is also Landon and Ralph although they are not Brothers in blood, they are just like the Brothers.

The Mikaelsons siblings are The Original Vampires. The oldest vampires cannot be killed easily like ordinary vampires and they have a great history. They have lived for a thousand years. Their reputation preceded them and the originals are known as “The Original Family” are 7 siblings. but all the focus was on Klaus and Elijah And Klaus in The Original Hybrid half a werewolf, I do not advise you to threaten any member of their family, or you come on the dark side of this two. Death is your least concern when you face these two.

The Salvatore Brothers are the ones who started the Vampire Diaries Universe. We got to know Stefan Salvatore in the first episode in the series. Damon also, these siblings have many problems in communicating with each other, at least in the beginning, but over time they have become inseparable from each other. as Rebekah Mikaelson Said " The Salvatore's may fight like dogs but in the end, they would die for each other,"

Let's Take This Quiz and Find out Are you More Like Salvatore's Brothers Or The Mikaelsons Brother's

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