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The Vampire Diaries: Which Character Would You Play if you were Cast

The Vampire Diaries series is one of the most famous shows that occurred in the history of the vampire series. It consists of eight seasons and has achieved great success and has gained huge fans over the years,

who would you play if you were cast in The Vampire Diaries
Who would you play if you were cast in The Vampire Diaries

The series also has many great actors such as (Ian Somerhalder) who plays the character Damon Salvatore the reckless vampire and Stefan Salvatore's older brother and who was played by (Paul Wesley) the vampire who has a past that can not be forgotten and he did terrible things but he always looks for Redemption and helps good people but Like any other vampire he has a dark side known as The Ripper

And the girl whose parents died in a car accident Elena Gilbert and Elena was played by the Gorgeous (Nina Dobrev) and she is a wonderful actress who embodied many characters such as Katherine Pierce's and The doppelganger Tatia,

But the series does not only have three actors, it has many great actors such as (Joseph Morgan) who plays the villain, Klaus Michaelson is a vampire from the originals who is the oldest and most powerful vampire in the vampire diaries and he is not only a vampire but he is also half a werewolf and he is an original who can only be killed with One weapon that can be Kill him is the white oak stake and the originals are a Big family and they are the first vampires in history Elijah Michaelson (Daniel Gillies) and Rebecca (Claire Holt) and Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) are Klaus Siblings and the powerful witch Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham) Elena's Bestfriend and Caroline Forbes (Candice King) the series has many actors and fans cannot imagine another play these characters other than those already chosen, the purpose of this entertainment only enjoy,

But if you were chosen to act in the Vampire Diaries series, which of these amazing characters would you play?

Let's take this Quiz to find out which of the Vampire Diaries characters will play if you are cast

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