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Who Would you Date if You Lived in Riverdale

Who Would you Date if You Lived in Riverdale
Who Would you Date if You Lived in Riverdale

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Nation. The Riverdale crew is amazingly attractive. The girls are beautiful and the boys are superbly handsome. But not only the main cast is the most attractive, but even the supporting characters are also too. Parents in Riverdale are incredibly handsome many young girls crushing on these parents. While some of these parents are on the good side, others are not. For example, Hiram Lodge who worked as one of the main rivals for the second and third seasons of the show. He is the father of Veronica Lodge and is a very strong businessman.

Riverdale also has many beautiful and cute actresses. These women are not only beautiful, but they also have many attributes that make their characters captivating their viewers. One of the most beautiful girls on the show is Betty Cooper, the girl next door. This character has many shades. She can be gentle and innocent, but look deep at her and you'll discover that she can be dangerous too because of her dark side. She has an inquisitive mind and her curious nature as an ambitious journalist often puts her in trouble.

Veronica Lodge is not only beautiful but also very smart. After her father's arrest, she leaves New York and comes to Riverdale to start a new life. She fears what will happen once his father Hiram Lodge is released from prison. She also tries to become a better person, overcoming her flaws. Who do you think is the most beautiful girl in Riverdale? Leave your opinion in the comments.

So if you lived in Riverdale, Who Would You Date?

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