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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: 5 Villains From The Vampire Diaries Buffy Doesn’t Stand A Chance Against

As The Slayer, Buffy Summers won against many demons. She'd be able to best a lot of The Vampire Diaries but she will easily fall prey to others.

5 Villains From The Vampire Diaries Buffy Doesn’t Stand A Chance Against
5 Villains From The Vampire Diaries Buffy Doesn’t Stand A Chance Against

Buffy Summers is an icon from the 1990s that paved the way for many supernatural shows such as The Vampire Diaries. The heroine of 
Buffy The Vampire Slayer encountered plenty of supernatural Villains threats and she sacrificed everything to defeat the vampires,

The villains in Buffyverse are powerful entities that pushed the Slayer to the brink. Buffy's opponents inspired the bad guys from the Vampire Diaries, and here are 5 Villains From TVD she would be powerless against.


Silas TVD
Silas The First Immortal Being In The Vampire Diaries

Silas is the first immortal being he's powerful psychic and he easily overpowered The Original Hybrid Klaus Mikaelson and the Salvatore brother's he proved many times that he one of the most powerful beings in the TVD universe,

Buffy may have an advantage with Willow in her side, although Silas proved that he can defeat witches when he attacked Bonnie Bennett. Without her friends, the Slayer is at risk and she will have no chance against the psychic.


TVD The Sirens Sybil
Sybil The Siren

Sybil sets her sights on the Mystic Falls gang in the eighth season of The Vampire Diaries and instantly establishes herself as one of the most terrifying villains in the show. The cannibalistic Siren has proven to have stronger psychic forces than Silas as it forces Damon and Stefan to do her bidding.

Slayer's capabilities are no math to Siebel's psychic powers. The siren will likely tempt Buffy to her death using her awesome hypnotic skills.

The Heretics

The Heretics TVD
The Vampire Diaries The Heretics

Heretics are not the most popular villains in the vampire diaries but they are one of the most powerful villains. The witch-vampire hybrids siphon magical power of the Vampire blood and turn out to be so powerful that the Mystic Falls Gang can't defeat.

Nora, Mary-Louise, Beau, Oscar, and Malcolm have a physicality and witchcraft at their disposal. Their common power will be too much to be overcome by the Slayer.

Rayna Cruz

Rayna Cruz The Huntress TVD
Rayna Cruz The Huntress 

Buffy at first appears to be equally identical to the Huntress, but Rayna Cruz has the advantage of a phoenix. If she Marks Buffy, the Slayer will have to forced to escape from her. If she kills Buffy, her soul is stuck inside the stone forever.

Buffy could wear Rayna down, but the huntress is cruel and Fearless. Eventually, her persistence will overwhelm the Slayer, and the Phoenix Stone will claim another spirit.

Klaus Mikaelson

TVD The Original Hybrid Klaus Mikaelson
The Original Hybrid Klaus Mikaelson

As a member of The Original family, Klaus is one of the oldest vampires in vampire diaries, exceptionally strong and fast. as an Original Vampire Klaus not only he can compel humans he also can compel Vampires Klaus also isn't only a vampire he has werewolf gen which makes him Hybrid and Immune to the white oak dagger.

Buffy could try to use White Oak's stake against Klaus, but the hybrid has both a vampire and a werewolf. The Slayer will be defeated in battle and exposed to Klaus's compulsion.

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