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The Originals: Who has The Most Epic Love Story (Vote)

The Originals: Who has The Most Epic Love Story

The Originals has introduced to us a lot of Ships during the five seasons, and they were all Epic, from the First Episode we found out that Rebekah had an Epic Love with Marcel, Klaus Adopted son, later we see the connection with Hayley and Elijah, every one of the original had a lot of relationships but not like what we are going to list they were their soul mates,

every one of them is truly happy with their loved once, and they all are beautiful together There is no difference between them, but we as Fans Love to support out Favorite Ship so we are going to list 6 Ships from The Originals and you can vote for you're best,

Note: you can choose multiple options

The Originals Vote For your Favorite Ship

Kol And Davina:

Kol And Davina The Originals

Kol was even worse than Klaus he loves killing people doesn't matter innocent or guilty and he didn't care about anyone, but when he met Davina she changed his whole life, like it or not they were the best for each other,

Klaus And Caroline:

The Originals Klaus And Caroline

what we can say that Caroline was Klaus first true love, aurora wasn't really best for Klaus she only brought the worse of him, unlike Caroline who showed us Human part of Klaus made him show mercy kindness while Klaus was known for his ruthlessness and he didn't care about anyone

Elijah And Hayley:

The Originals Elijah And Hayley

Elijah's life was all about Klaus Redemption but in The Original first episodes, they show us that we can get an Epic love story from their first meeting

Marcel And Rebecca:

The Originals Marcel And Rebecca

You can say that Marcel and Rebecca were created to be together their love story goes back when Marcel was a little boy,

Klaus has always been interfering with the life of his younger sister Rebecca and has stabbed her with a dagger for many years because she fell in love with Marcel But in the end, Marcel and Rebecca ended up together

Klaus And Cami:

The Originals Klaus And Cam

Camille and Klaus their relationship is very complicated where Klaus wanted to be Caroline, Last love, Camille also was able to do what Caroline did with Klaus when Klaus returned to New Orleans, he returned to his old self before he met, Caroline he did not care about anyone but strength and power.

But Camille managed to make Klaus happy and show mercy as Caroline did with him, but there are many fans who do not like Klaus with Caroline and many do not like Klaus with Camille.

but they both were amazing with Klaus,

Marcel And Cami:

Marcel And Cami The Originals

When Klaus met Marcel in the first episodes of the series Camille appeared as bartender and Marcel wanted to have her and he did with the help of Klaus of course, but they did not have much time together, but there are those who loved them together

Note: this is just a fun Vote for us as The Originals Fans

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