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Riverdale - Kj Apa How Well do you know him (The Utlimate Quiz)

Welcome Back NationTV, Today we are going to Talk about Kj Apa (Keneti James Fitzgerald Apa), "born 17 June 1997" Kj is New Zealand Actor, his acting career begins with him playing Kane Jenkins in the New Zealand primetime soap opera Shortland Street From 2013 until 2015, he later was cast to play role Archie Andrews in Riverdale,

Facts About Kj Apa

1. He almost wasn't cast on Riverdale.

can you imagine anyone else playing role Archie other than Kj?
KJ was passed on when he did his first audition for Archie Role

David Rapaport about Kj Interview " I passed on him the first time he came in " he also said that KJ seems not prepared for the part but later they give him a second chance and Fortunately, he did get the role

2. He's addicted to getting tattoos.

Kj has few tattoos on his body, he said " I Love Tattoos" he also is addicted to the tattoo, he also said to People, that he loves the experience of having tattoos, he has a tattoo on his arm about his "Grandmom and his mom" he explains the tats " my mom and grandmom have the same bee, Aw!

KJ has quite a few tats on his body, and that's probably because he loves body art. "I'm addicted to [tattoos]," he told People"I love tattoos, I love the art of them, and I love the experience of getting them."

3. he has a scar between his eyebrows 

is Kj is the boy who lived on Harry Potter? because he has a scar-like Harry did, however, he answered it on twitter Below: 

  1. His jaw rivals that of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast
  2. His hair isn't naturally red.

Well, let's go back to our main topic today. We'll talk about KJ. We have collected questions for you about the life of the actor, so let's see how well do you know about the actor who plays Archie in the Riverdale series.

Let's play this Quiz and Find out How Well Do you Know Kj Apa The Ultimate Quiz

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