Note: I apologize for the mistakes in the articles, English is my second language

Lucifer: 5 Saddest moments which broke our hearts

Note: I apologize for the mistakes in the article, English is my second language

Lucifer: 5 Saddest moments which broke our hearts

Welcome Back NationTV, Lucifer series is a very cool series where the devil takes a vacation from hell and decides to open a nightclub in Los Angeles and meets with Detective Chloe Decker. From here Lucifer begins his journey to discover himself. Lucifer is also anti-hero in the show

With the show run, Chloe Become a big part of Lucifer's life, she Almost is the only person who can bring good in Lucifer when everyone doubts Lucifer the Detective always on his side. and this is what makes Lucifer admire the Detective even more.

Today we will talk about a list that includes the saddest moments in Lucifer

Lucifer returns to hell 

One of the saddest moments in the Lucifer Come on in the fourth season and the final episode of the series when Lucifer stops the demons and returns them to the Hell finally, The moment comes between Lucifer and Chloe, after 4 seasons. Chloe admits her love for Lucifer and accepts the demonic face of Lucifer, 

but after Chloe admitted to Lucifer her love this did not prevent Lucifer from returning Lucifer would have wanted to stay with his first love, but Lucifer was forced to return to Hell to keep the demons from rebelling again This is definitely one of the saddest scenes in the show if not the saddest scene,

Charlotte’s sacrifice

One of the saddest scenes in Lucifer is the death of Charlotte Richards when this scene contains many scenes that made us cry.

while Amenadiel was talking to Charlotte about faith and how she can make her life better, and this depends on her personal decisions, and no one can guarantee her entry to heaven, but only she can do this.

Cain comes in his attempt to kill Amenadiel Charlotte throwing herself on Amenadiel to sacrifice herself this moment was very painful for Lucifer's fans, also Amenadiel returns to him his powers at the same time to return to the Silver City with Charlotte as the first soul delivered by Amenadiel since he lost his Powers

Lucifer finds out about Chloe

this is Almost the second most difficult situation for Lucifer in his life since he came to Earth, where Lucifer discovers that Chloe is not human, but she is in fact made by God and from his brother Amenadiel,

The reason why Lucifer is weak next to the detective is revealed, that Chloe is not human. Well, Chloe considered as a miracle,

 this scene was one of the most difficult situations for Lucifer himself when he discovers that the love of his life is made and placed in his way by God, and this is something that hates Lucifer. Lucifer does not like anyone to control his life,

Lucifer Kills Uriel

Although it is forbidden for any Angel to kill, but Lucifer first murder, was on his younger brother Uriel when Uriel tried to kill the detective, Lucifer prevented his brothers by Killing him,

Uriel controls puzzles, where it is possible that he can start the apocalypse only with the slightest action, it's like he can expect the future, but in a fight between him and Lucifer, when Lucifer saw his brother about to kill the detective. he stops him with killing him with Azrael Blade

Seeing Pierce Proposal to Chloe

Seeing Pierce Proposal to Chloe

How do you feel when the girl you love rejects you? bad right?, well Lucifer was not rejected, but worse when Lucifer was going to admit his love to the Detective, he found Cain Proposal to her.

This scene was very painful for Lucifer, as Cain only wanted the Detective so he can get rid of the curse that was put on him by God. This is definitely one of the saddest scenes in Lucifer's show.

but What you'll Think Which Moment made you cry the most don't forget to tell us in comments

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