Note: I apologize for the mistakes in the articles, English is my second language

Doctor Who: Amy Pond and Rory Williams are back in New Scene

Note: I apologize for the mistakes in the article, English is my second language
Doctor Who: Lockdown | Rory's Story

Dr. Who companions Amy And Rory are back in a short scene written by Neil Gaiman. This virus may have caused many things to stop, but nothing can stop the doctor and his companions, they are back with a short video to help the fans dealing with their stresses of the isolation,

Gaiman also wrote a short story as an introduction for "The Doctor's Wife," where Rory Williams returns from Arthur Darville. The last time we saw Rory was in the 1940s with his wife, Amy Bond, it appears that Rory is using a smartphone to tell his son about his adventures It also highlights a short cameo of Amy Pond "Karen Gillan's"

The approach is related to one earlier used by Steven Moffat for a Sontaran-themed short story, although frankly, it's far more effective. Darvill, of course, is recording the message on his smartphone while at home at the lockdown, and there's no doubt that Gillan is just on the speaker on another device. The script gives a lot of laughs, a positive message about how generous people can get through, and a delightful reminder of just how complex life can get when you travel with the Doctor.

All over the world, many fandoms are getting together to help one another to overcome this Coronavirus pandemic. No fandom has shown quite so resilient as Doctor Who's, and in big part that's due to the organizational ability of Emily Cook. Darvill is the most prominent Doctor Who actor to get connected with the mass rewatches to date,

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