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Where Do you Belong New Orleans Or Mystic Falls (Quiz)

Where Do you Belong New Orleans Or Mystic Falls (Quiz)

Where Do you Belong New Orleans Or Mystic Falls (Quiz)

Since the Vampire Diaries was released, we all fell in love with Mystic Falls, where the city is full of supernatural beings. The series started, with Stefan returning to Mystic Falls, to see Katherine doppelgänger
 Elena Gilbert.

But the story did not end here with the arrival of the originals as the main villains. We got to know another amazing place like Mystic Falls, New Orleans. This place is considered the homeland of the originals Vampires.

New Orleans 

The Originals New Orleans

New Orleans is the original vampire homeland when they were all escaping from Mikael the original stopped in this city and the original considered New Orleans their home more than Mystic Falls where the original was raised in Mystic Falls but when they were escaping from Mikael they made New Orleans their New Home,

New Orleans is also a place full of supernatural beings is no less than Mystic Falls, where supernatural beings have also lived for centuries in this city and above all this city was known to belong to Klaus and that Klaus is the king of New Orleans

Mystic Falls

The Vampire Diaries Mystic Falls

Mystic Falls is the beginning of supernatural beings such as vampires or witches for centuries. the supernatural creatures have lived in Mystic Falls and this is the place where Stefan Salvatore and Damon were born.

Mystic Falls is considered one of the most dangerous places Mystic falls is a shelter for the Supernatural Beings. It is a fantastic place and in the vampire diaries. We were introduced to Mystic Falls as the first town with supernatural beings.

So let's take this test to find out where do you belong. Do you belong with Elena and Stefan in Mystic Falls or with Klaus and the originals in New Orleans?

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