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Can you Guess The Riverdale Character (By Emojis)

Can you Guess The Riverdale Character By Emojis

Can you Guess The Riverdale Character (By Emojis)

Welcome back to NationTV. The wonderful characters and stories that make a beautiful series and the Riverdale series have a lot of things that make him one of the best series on the Netflix platform or at the present time in general and there are a lot of characters in the series and every character in the series has its own personality and any of the fans of the series can recognize them without their Pictures,

One of the best characters in the Riverdale series is the beautiful Cheryl Blossom, despite the fact that she has much darkness inside, but she is a weak personality and is looking for somewhere to belong and with the beginning of the series we begin and see her for what she is and there are many characters in the wonderful series such as Betty, Archie, Veronica and jughead, many of the characters That make the series better

Can you Guess The Riverdale Character

Among the beautiful and main characters in the series is Betty. We saw her at the beginning of the beautiful series and she is was supposed to be a good girl, but in the series we got to know the darkness inside Betty Cooper, she can be good, but when you hurt one of her friends you will see another person

So today we are going to Test your Riverdale Knowledge Here is A Quiz with Riverdale Characters by Their Emojis 

Can you Guess Riverdale Character by Emojis

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