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Lucifer: Which Lucifer Villain Are You (Quiz)

Lucifer: Which Villains Are You From Lucifer (Quiz)
Which Villains Are You From Lucifer

There are a lot of Villains in any series, but there are always the main Villains who almost succeed in getting rid of the main Heros in the series and pose a great danger to the heroes of the series, but the Lucifer series gave us a lot of the main Villains s who have more darkness inside of them even more than The Devil himself and this makes us all relate to Lucifer’s desire In punishing these Villains,

There are many Villain who finds Redemption and does good things, but there are those who do not care about anything and everything they do is harming others and they end up in hell where Lucifer enjoys hurting them

So here are 6 Villains take this Quiz to find out Which one looks like you

Father Kinley/Dromos

Father Kinley is, in fact, one of the most dangerous villains in Lucifer series he almost killed Lucifer with the help of Chloe without her knowledge and even after he failed in the mission, he went to hell and a demon from hell possessed him and did kidnap Linda Son and he was going to make him The New King of Hell and The Future Devil,

Cain/Marcus Pierce

The original killer was the main villain in the third season, but in the first, it was considered that Cain was not so bad that he only wanted to die, but after he manipulated the detective Chloe, he broke her heart and killed Charlotte Richards in his attempt to kill Amenadiel.

Malcolm Graham

What a rough. We all thought that Dan was originally so shaded and douch-y? No, Malcolm is much worse.


Uriel was like Amenadiel at the beginning of the first season because of his pride Uriel’s pride was his undoing, so I think Uriel needed many therapy sessions with Dr. Linda like Amenadiel and Lucifer.

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